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Fire: A Very Short Introduction
著者:Andrew C. Scott
出版社: OUP Oxford
発売日: 2020年06月25日
Fire is rarely out of the headlines, from large natural wildfires raging across the Australian or Californian countrysides to the burning of buildings such as the disasters of Grenfell tower and Not……続きを見る
Mercury and the Making of California
著者:Andrew Scott Johnston
出版社: University Press of Colorado
発売日: 2013年09月15日
Mercury and the Making of California, Andrew Johnston’s multidisciplinary examination of the history and cultural landscapes of California’s mercury-mining industry, raises mercury to its rightful p……続きを見る
Burning Planet
著者:Andrew C. Scott
出版社: OUP Oxford
発売日: 2018年03月22日
Raging wildfires have devastated vast areas of California and Australia in recent years, and predictions are that we will see more of the same in coming years, as a result of climate change. But thi……続きを見る
Neoplastic Gastrointestinal Pathology: An Illustrated Guide
著者:Laura Lamps, MD, Andrew Bellizzi, MD, Scott R. Owens, MD
出版社: Springer Publishing Company
発売日: 2016年04月16日
This concisely written, abundantly illustrated guide to a wide range of topics in gastrointestinal neoplasia facilitates the evaluation and accurate diagnosis of gastrointestinal neoplasms, both str……続きを見る
著者:Andrew Scott
出版社: Moody Publishers
発売日: 2016年04月15日
"You were created for one purpose: live your life for God’s glory. You need no further special call. You have been created uniquely to do this uniquely, so work out what you’re passionate about, goo……続きを見る
Electronic Keyboard Lessons for Kids - Book 1
著者:LearnToPlayMusic.com, Andrew Scott, Gary Turner
出版社: LearnToPlayMusic.com
発売日: 2014年04月24日
Teach how to play keyboard for kids with our easy keyboard lessons for kids. ***Comes with online access to free keyboard videos and audio demonstrating all examples. See and hear how each one is pl……続きを見る
The Law of Nations and Britain’s Quest for Naval Security
著者:Scott Andrew Keefer
出版社: Springer International Publishing
発売日: 2016年11月28日
As the centenary of the Treaty of Versailles approaches, this book presents the pre-1914 precursors to the interwar naval arms treaties arising from the peace of 1919, providing a fresh perspective ……続きを見る
Text, Food and the Early Modern Reader
著者:Jason Scott-Warren, Andrew Elder Zurcher
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2019年01月09日
In early modern culture, eating and reading were entangled acts. Our dead metaphors (swallowed stories, overcooked narratives, digested information) are all that now remains of a rich interplay betw……続きを見る
Promoting Emotional Education
著者:Mark G Borg, Andrew Triganza Scott, Ingrid E. Sladeczek
出版社: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
発売日: 2009年08月15日
Unlike IQ, emotional competence can be nurtured and developed, and is a key factor in physical and mental health, social competence, academic achievement and other aspects in the personal and social……続きを見る
A Legend Of Montrose
著者:Sir Walter Scott, Andrew Lang
出版社: Jazzybee Verlag
発売日: 2014年07月14日
The scene of "A Legend of Montrose" is laid "during the period of that great and bloody Civil War which agitated Britain during the 17th century," and which finally cost Charles I his kingdom and he……続きを見る
Hold on Mother
著者:Andrew Scott
出版社: Xlibris US
発売日: 2021年10月14日
To this day I’ve tried to be like my Mother. Living right, helping others, giving to others. And most of all, trusting in the Lord. Living for Him like Mother did everyday. You see, ever since Mothe……続きを見る
When Small Countries Crash
著者:Andrew Novo, Scott B. MacDonald
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2017年07月28日
The public is fascinated with financial crashes. Historians portray the roar of an angry mob toppling presidents or prime ministers and destroying the property of those who are regarded as malefacto……続きを見る
Organizational Change and Innovation Processes
著者:Marshall Scott Poole, Andrew H. Van de Ven, Kevin Dooley
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2000年10月20日
In a world of organizations that are in constant change scholars have long sought to understand and explain how they change. This book introduces research methods that are specifically designed to s……続きを見る
Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being
著者:William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
出版社: Springer International Publishing
発売日: 2017年08月04日
This book aims to help leaders maximise the engagement of employees and citizens by exploring the impact of a process of active enthusiasm (PACE). Engagement of employees has long been recognised as……続きを見る
Piano Lessons for Kids - Book 1
著者:LearnToPlayMusic.com, Andrew Scott, Gary Turner
出版社: LearnToPlayMusic.com
発売日: 2014年04月22日
Teach how to play piano for kids with our easy piano lessons for kids. ***Comes with online access to free piano videos and audio demonstrating all examples. See and hear how each one is played by a……続きを見る
Bride Of Lammermoor
著者:Sir Walter Scott, Andrew Lang
出版社: Jazzybee Verlag
発売日: 2014年07月14日
Although the period of this tragedy of Lammermoor is placed within the reign of William and Mary, the story (unlike most of the others) has little historical connection. It tells, instead, of the fe……続きを見る
Northern Lights
著者:Andrew Scott
出版社: Monash University Publishing
発売日: 2014年11月01日
The nations of Scandinavia and Finland, or Nordic Europe, continue to provide living proof that economic prosperity can be combined with social equality and environmental responsibility. This book, ……続きを見る
Max Perkins
著者:Andrew Scott Berg
出版社: Elliot
発売日: 2013年01月23日
Maxwell Perkins era un uomo dai modi raffinati, estremamente elegante e garbato, diventato famoso soprattutto come colui che diceva a gente come Ernest Hemingway, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Wo……続きを見る
Max Perkins
著者:Andrew Scott Berg
出版社: Ediciones Rialp
発売日: 2016年11月01日
Fue el descubridor de grandes de la literatura como F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe y tantos otros. Sin embargo, su vida transcurre en la penumbra, entre bastidores, ayudando a s……続きを見る
Guy Mannering
著者:Sir Walter Scott, Andrew Lang
出版社: Jazzybee Verlag
発売日: 2014年07月14日
The second novel written by Scott turned aside from the path of history, so successfully followed in "Waverley," and dealt no less happily with private scenes and characters. Some of the most enduri……続きを見る
Newsgathering: Law, Regulation, and the Public Interest
著者:Gavin Millar QC, Andrew Scott
出版社: OUP Oxford
発売日: 2018年12月04日
This pioneering work draws together the law and other regulatory rules that relate to newsgathering. Written in the post-Leveson environment, each chapter considers a specific newsgathering practice……続きを見る
The Basics of Media Writing
著者:Scott A. Kuehn, James Andrew Lingwall
出版社: SAGE Publications
発売日: 2016年12月22日
The Basics of Media Writing: A Strategic Approach helps readers develop the essential writing skills and professional habits needed to succeed in 21st-century media careers. This research-driven, st……続きを見る
Les bases de l'immunologie fondamentale et clinique
著者:Pierre L. Masson, John Scott & Co, Andrew H. Lichtman
出版社: Elsevier Health Sciences
発売日: 2013年09月02日
Comprendre tous les concepts essentiels de l'immunologie ! Concis et accessible, ce manuel représente une parfaite introduction à l'immunologie moderne pour les élèves de tout niveau. Cette 4e éditi……続きを見る
Old Mortality
著者:Sir Walter Scott, Andrew Lang
出版社: Jazzybee Verlag
発売日: 2014年07月14日
"Old Mortality" was the familiar title of an actual personage, Robert Paterson, a harmless itinerant hermit who received this nickname because of his habit of visiting the tombs of Scotch Covenanter……続きを見る
Solar Power: Energy for the Future
著者:Scott Andrew Robinson
出版社: Paul David Robinson
発売日: 2019年07月10日
Dear Reader, I made this book about Solar Power. This will be my first children's book about Solar Power. If children learn more about Solar power. It will be cheaper and affordable in the future. I……続きを見る
William Richard Gowers 1845-1915
著者:Ann Scott, Mervyn Eadie, Andrew Lees
出版社: OUP Oxford
発売日: 2016年05月31日
Sir William Richard Gowers was one of the pre-eminent clinical neurologists of the nineteenth century. He is best remembered for his discovery of the eponymous 'Gowers' sign', for his invention of t……続きを見る
The New Long Life
著者:Andrew J. Scott, Lynda Gratton
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2020年05月28日
A practical guide to how we can positively adapt to a changing world, from the internationally bestselling authors of The 100-Year Life 'The London Business School professors Andrew J. Scott and Lyn……続きを見る
Beyond Agile
著者:Andrew Walker, Paul Scott
出版社: Almostawake
発売日: 2017年09月13日
On average, 50 per cent of software projects fail to deliver on time or on budget. At least 20 per cent are cancelled before completion or renounced as failures. Project failure costs the global eco……続きを見る
Theories of International Relations
著者:Scott Burchill, Andrew Linklater, Dr. Richard Devetak
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2021年10月07日
The 5th edition of this best-selling textbook provides a systematic and comprehensive introduction to the main theoretical approaches in the study of international relations. While maintaining focus……続きを見る
The 100-Year Life
著者:Lynda Gratton, Andrew J. Scott
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2020年05月28日
*A new edition of the international bestseller (a #1 bestseller in Japan), featuring a new preface* Does the thought of working for 60 or 70 years fill you with dread? Or can you see the potential f……続きを見る
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