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Housing and Asthma【電子書籍】[ Stirling Howieson ]
<p>Asthma is on the rise in a number of countries, in this volume Howieson asks what role the built environment has to play and what the construction industry can do to either slow the increase or reverse the trend. Based on the findings of a six-year research project, this book considers all aspects of housing to develop new strategies for dealing with the asthma pandemic in Britain and beyond. With the focus on the design and use pattern of our dwellings, the book looks at tackling the pro……続きを見る
Reinventing Data Protection?
著 者 : C. Terwangne, P. Hert, S. Gutwirth, S. Nuwt, Y. Poullet出版年 : 2009ISBN-10 : 1402094973 ISBN-13 : 9781402094972 出版社 : Springer続きを見る
What Do I Do Until My Medicine Works?:Managing Your Mental Illness【電子書籍】[ Perry Klein ]
<p>This book is a must read for anyone who has a desire to understand what it must be like to experience mental illness, and by increasing our understanding of what it is like as a family member or friend of someone suffering from the debilitating impairments that affect our every day life. The book cites real life stories from the author that span his years of experience; Perry Klein has a writing style that brings to light his years of first hand experiences in the field as a professional ……続きを見る
Regional Integration in the Global SouthExternal Influence on Economic Cooperation in ASEAN, MERCOSUR and SADC【電子書籍】
<p>This book presents a theory of economic integration in developing regions, where the level of intraregional economic interdependence is low and the dependence on extra-regional economic relations is high. It argues that the success or failure of regional integration in the Global South is to a large degree dependent on the reaction of extra-regional actors in Europe, North America and Northeast Asia. In doing so, it demonstrates that longstanding European integration theories cannot be su……続きを見る
Aspects of Occultism【電子書籍】[ Dion Fortune ]
<p>When Dion Fortune wrote Aspects of Occultism, "occultism" was an umbrella word used to describe hidden lore, secret traditions, and arcane knowledge. Today, when the word "occult" is often confused for "cult," and all its negative aspects, Fortune's essays would be better referred to as "esoteric studies." In this book she discusses evocative magic, the sites of Druid worship, parallels between Christianity and the Qabalah, the astral plane, auras, ……続きを見る
Pediatric Therapy
著 者 : Heinz F. Eichenwald, Josef Stroder出版年 : 1993ISBN-10 : 1556643810 ISBN-13 : 9781556643811 出版社 : Mosby-Year Book続きを見る
Discovery and Fusion of Uncertain Knowledge in Data【電子書籍】[ Kun Yue ]
<p>Data analysis is of upmost importance in the mining of big data, where knowledge discovery and inference are the basis for intelligent systems to support the real world applications. However, the process involves knowledge acquisition, representation, inference and data, Bayesian network (BN) is the key technology plays a key role in knowledge representation, in order to pave way to cope with incomplete, fuzzy data to solve the real-life problems.</p> <p>This book presents Bayesian ne……続きを見る
Acadia National Park Adventure Guide【電子書籍】[ Stephanie Puglisi ]
<p>Dreaming about visiting one of America's most popular National Parks in your RV? Acadia National Park Adventure Guide will help you plan the perfect trip for your family! From the co-hosts and writers at RV Family Travel Atlas, this book will tell you where to find the best campgrounds, restaurants, hikes, and activities in and around Acadia National Park. Explore the world of Acadia outside of Bar Harbor and the Park Loop. Venture to the quieter side of Acadia, where you will discov……続きを見る
Tradition of Deceit【電子書籍】[ Kathleen Ernst ]
<p><strong>Book 5 in the award-winning historical Chloe Ellefson Mystery series</strong></p> <p>Curator and occasional sleuth Chloe Ellefson is off to Minneapolis to help her friend Ariel with a monumental task. Ariel must write a proposal for a controversial and expensive restoration project: convert an abandoned flour mill, currently used as shelter by homeless people, into a museum. When a dead body is found stuffed into a grain chute, Chloe's attention turns from milling to murde……続きを見る
TodeskleidThriller【電子書籍】[ Karen Rose ]
<p>Die Nerven liegen blank: Privatdetektivin Paige Holden steht vor ihrem brenzligsten Fall: Sie vertritt einen Klienten, der wegen Mordes im Gef?ngnis sitzt. Unschuldig, behauptet er. Wer aber hat den brutalen Mord an dem 12-j?hrigen M?dchen im blauen Kleid ver?bt? Die attraktive Privatdetektivin findet heraus, dass es eine ganze Serie toter M?dchen gibt. Alle blondgelockt, alle blau gekleidet. Durch ihre Ermittlungen bringt sich Paige selbst in gr??te Gefahr. Ein Scharfsch?tze verfehlt sie……続きを見る
Daddy, Let Go of My MomVolume 1【電子書籍】[ Tian Qin ]
<p>In order to save the adoptive father s life jane became a mysterious rich family surrogate but when she became pregnant her father died the next year the baby was born a pair of twins with ugly birthmarks on their faces the foster mother that owed a gambling debt unexpectedly holds baby boy secretly to get surrogacy money the son disappears without a trace from now on five years later she took her daughter in the children s park in front of the stall met a handsome young man to the pole a……続きを見る
Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger)【電子書籍】[ Alexander Maistrovoy ]
<p>Democracy: From Triumph to Suicide</p> <p>What type of society most corresponds to the ideals of justice and rule of law? The answer seemed obvious: democracy. Today it seems a paradox, but ancient thought, humanism, as well as rational thinking with undisguised skepticism are related to democracy. They knew how easy and quickly it transformed into ochlocracy.</p> <p>However, founding fathers of Liberal Democracy, like de Tocqueville, thought that rationalism, combined with a comp……続きを見る
Never a Woman【電子書籍】[ Richard Roach ]
<p>It is 2002 when Kwamboka, a Kisii girl from western Kenya who refused female genital mutilation as part of her tribes puberty rites, returns home after laboring in the fields all day. Exhausted, Kwamboka falls asleep and awakens a few hours later to the smell of smoke. She manages to escape the fire that engulfs her house, only to see her uncle waiting outsidethe one who is supposed to protect her according to Kisii law. Kwamboka realizes that he has murdered her mother and now attempted ……続きを見る
Dziurdziowie【電子書籍】[ Eliza Orzeszkowa ]
<p><strong>Eliza Orzeszkowa</strong></p> <p>Polska pisarka nurtu pozytywizmu znana pod nazwiskiem m??a, Piotra Orzeszko, nazwisko rodowe: Korwin-Paw?owska. Publikowa?a pod pseudonimami: E.O., B?k, Wa-Lit-No, Li...ka, Gabriela, Litwinka. Pierwszymi jej tekstami by?y powie?ci tendencyjne (<em>Marta</em> 1873); cele swojej wczesnej tw?rczo?ci przedstawi?a w rozprawach: <em>Kilka uwag nad powie?ci?</em> (1866) i <em>Listy o literaturze</em> (1873). Drugim etapem pisarskim Orz……続きを見る
Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters ANGELS [ Jack Graham ]
ANGELS Jack Graham Roma Downey BETHANY HOUSE PUBL2017 Paperback English ISBN:9780764213564 洋書 Social Science(社会科学) Religion続きを見る
FBI Special Agent Owen Burke Folge 3/4 - DoppelbandDas Erbe des Snipers / Ein todsicherer Coup【電子書籍】[ Pete Hackett ]
<p>Zwei brandneue Stories aus der Serie "FBI Special Agent".<br /> Unerschrocken k?mpft Owen Burke im Dschungel der Gro?stadt gegen das Verbrechen. Terrorismus und das organisierte Verbrechen sind dabei seine Gegner.<br /> Der New Yorker Ermittler Owen Burke geht im Big Apple auf Gangsterjagd - eindrucksvoll in Szene gesetzt von Top-Autor Pete Hackett.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリ……続きを見る
Melonhead【電子書籍】[ Katy Kelly ]
<p>Melonhead is my preferred name. Preferred by me, not my mom. She likes people to call me by my real name, Adam Melon. Luckily, it’s too late for that because when my friend, Lucy Rose, invented Melonhead, it caught<br /> on fast.</p> <p>Usually I am the one doing the inventing. All my life, which is 10 years, great ideas have been popping in and out of my melon head. Sometimes they work. This year they’d better, because our class is entering an inventing fair. My friend Sam and I ar……続きを見る
Beginning French for Kids: A Guide | A Children's Learn French Books【電子書籍】[ Baby Professor ]
Contrary to popular belief, learning French language is not that hard. With enough patience and practice, anyone can learn it in no time. This basic French language book is specifically for children. Their fresh and very enthusiastic minds are already a great start to make this module successful. Get a copy of this book today.画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文……続きを見る
Inequality and Economic Integration【電子書籍】
<p>Internationally, globalization and increased economic integration has impacted quality of life and individual well-being. Attempts to evaluate the impact on income dispersion from this process have been extremely controversial. This key volume is the first real attempt to build up indices and a theoretical framework in order to deal with inequality of opportunity, and to enable social and political institutions to monitor increasing disparities in well-being and social exclusion. It thoro……続きを見る
Kitchen Confidential【電子書籍】[ Seth Daniels ]
<p>Joey Michaels is the executive chef of her own restaurant. She is also the bitch who dominates all the men and women who work for her. Daniel Blackwood is a former attorney who gave up a successful career to learn from her. But then he makes the mistake of trying to tell her what she should and should not worry about in her own kitchen. The big question is who will submit to whom.</p> <p>This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,200 words. It contains graphic language ……続きを見る
Maniere de Discerner Les Medailles Antiques de Celles Qui Sont Contrefaites, D'Apres Beauvais FRE-MANIERE DE DISCERNER LES M (Litterature) [ Ludovic De Colleville ]
FREーMANIERE DE DISCERNER LES M Litterature Ludovic De Colleville LIGHTNING SOURCE INC2016 Paperback French ISBN:9782013735223 洋書 Fiction & Literature(小説&文芸) Fiction続きを見る
YugoslaviaPeace, War, and Dissolution【電子書籍】[ Noam Chomsky ]
<p>The Balkans, in particular the turbulent ex-Yugoslav territory, have been among the most important world regions in Noam Chomsky's political reflections and activism over the past couple of decades. Through his articles, public talks, and correspondence, he has been addressing some of the crucial political and social issues (such as the relevancy of international law in today's politics, media manipulations, and economic crisis as a means of political control) that affect both the region ……続きを見る
I Remember You【電子書籍】[ Joyce Armor ]
<p>A loser in love, Ellie Lambert works at underground comic book company Full Court Press in a small northern California town. When her bosses, aging hippies Roger and Bonnie, cast entertainer Russell Owens to play counterculture superhero Muskman at the upcoming comic convention in Las Vegas, Ellie agrees to let Russell ride with her to Vegas. She senses an attraction between them and begins fantasizing that he could be the one, even thinking about desert sex. Then he shows up to carpool w……続きを見る
The Protector's Saga
著 者 : Samuel C. Brinley出版年 : 20-Feb-2010ISBN-10 : 1450018785 ISBN-13 : 9781450018784 出版社 : Unknows続きを見る
Seasonal【電子書籍】[ Betty Belanus ]
<p>Rob Anderson's job as Seasonal Folklorist in the idyllic setting of East Tennessee leads to adventure and romance as he uncovers layer after layer of the legend of local murderer and outlaw Boyd Jenkins. By asking the right questions, Rob and the beautiful Ruthie Taggart find the truth behind Jenkins' intriguing past.</p> <p>Based on field research for the Tennessee State Parks Folklife Project, 1979-81, this intriguing story within a story offers history, mystery, romance and humor. ……続きを見る
Room for Love【電子書籍】[ Roni Denholtz ]
<p>Jaclyn Rosetti loves her job as the front end manager of a hotel. She knows Adam O’Toole is really a visiting efficiency expert, there to assess the hotel and employees. She’s promised her boss, the hotel’s manager, to keep Adam’s identity secret. But she finds herself falling for Adam.</p> <p>Adam’s very attracted to Jaclyn, and the more he gets to know her, the more his feelings grow. But a past experience with a girlfriend who lied to him has made him wary of trusting women.</p> ……続きを見る
【中古】 The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Communication Skill-Building Tools / Pfeiffer [ペーパーバック]【メール便送料無料】【あす楽対応】
出版社:PfeifferJANコード:9780470181805■通常24時間以内に出荷可能です。■メール便は、1冊から送料無料です。※宅配便の場合、2,500円以上送料無料です。※あす楽ご希望の方は、宅配便をご選択下さい。※「代引き」ご希望の方は宅配便をご選択下さい。■ただいま、しおり、カレンダーをプレゼントしております。■お急ぎの方は「もったいない本舗 お急ぎ便店」をご利用ください。最短翌日配送、手数料198円から■まとめ買いの方は「もったいない本舗 おまとめ店」がお買い得です。■中古品ではございますが、良好なコンディションです。決……続きを見る
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Au Set of KemetThe story of Isis (Au Set) before she became a Goddess【電子書籍】[ Sharon Desruisseaux ]
<p> <br /> The remarkable story of one woman who changed all of Egypt as we know it and the mythology as it is passed down today. Was the Goddess Isis of ancient Egypt merely a woman who existed in flesh and bone once thousands of years ago before history was recorded? The author takes us to a time before Egypt was created as we know it and of what she perceives may have happened to lead way to legend and myth as if it occurred in 3500 BCE a perfect time for anything to happen to set the c……続きを見る
Karmic Regression Therapy & Karmic ReikiAn Official Guide【電子書籍】[ Martyn Pentecost ]
Imagine the ability to experience many different lives, from possible past lives to potential future lives. Imagine these experiences as profound, all-encompassing adventures that envelop you completely, as if you are ‘plugged’ directly into an epic movie of the senses. Now, imagine that you are able to influence and change the events within these experiences, to heal trauma and create a greater sense of happiness in this life. This is the power of Karmic Regression Therapy. In this guide, wri……続きを見る
Pocket ImmunoFacts Vaccines & Immunologics, 2000
著 者 : John D. Grabenstein出版年 : 2000ISBN-10 : 1574390619 ISBN-13 : 9781574390612 出版社 : Facts and Comparisons続きを見る
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