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The Color of Love【電子書籍】[ Sharon Sala ]
<p>"Sharon Sala's Blessings, Georgia series is filled with unforgettable charm and delight!" <em>ー<em><strong>ROBYN CARR</strong></em>,</em> #1 <em>New York Times</em> bestselling author</p> <p><strong>He might be winning her heart before she even knows who he is...</strong></p> <p>Welcome to Blessings, Georgia, the small town with a big heart! Anyone from a small town can tell you that gossip never stays quiet for long. The biggest news lately is Ruby ……続きを見る
Ojibwe in Minnesota【電子書籍】[ Anton Treuer ]
<p>With insight and candor, noted Ojibwe scholar Anton Treuer traces thousands of years of the complicated history of the Ojibwe peopleーtheir economy, culture, and clan system and how these have changed throughout time, perhaps most dramatically with the arrival of Europeans into Minnesota territory.</p> <p>Ojibwe in Minnesota covers the fur trade, the Iroquois Wars, and Ojibwe-Dakota relations; the treaty process and creation of reservations; and the systematic push for assimilation as……続きを見る
Understanding Numbers: Simplify life's mathematics. Decode the world around you.20 thought-provoking lessons【電子書籍】[ Marianne Freiberger ]
<p>**"Simple, clear explanations of twenty ways in which mathematics helps us to understand practical issues of everyday life. Suitable for teenagers and adults, and beautifully?produced. Highly recommended!"?**- Professor Ian Stewart, bestselling author of <em>The Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities</em></p> <p>Mathematics is an indispensable tool for life. From the systems that underpin our newsfeeds, through to the data analysis that informs our health and financial deci……続きを見る
Sea Turtles: Amazing Giants of the Sea【電子書籍】[ K.S. Tankersley ]
<p>Children will love this delightful and informative book about the seven types of sea turtles found in the tropical and sub-tropical oceans all around the world. Read about the sea turtle’s habitat as well as the characteristics that make each species unique and well-adapted to his habitat. Learn interesting facts about the sea turtle’s habits, size and weight, body styles and colors as well as what makes them well adapted to live in ocean water. Discover how baby sea turtles get their sta……続きを見る
Learn Thai: Generation Next (Slang & Colloquial Talk)【電子書籍】[ Sam Kittayapong ]
<p>Learn to speak Thai more like a native speaker. The first book of its kind, this work focuses on common Thai slang and colloquial talk used by Thailand’s young people. An essential book for English teachers going to Thailand, as well as expats and tourists visiting the Land of Smiles. Easy phonetic & Thai spellings. Written by the Ysaan Institute & Sam Kittayapong.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない……続きを見る
Institutions and Economic Growth in AsiaThe Case of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia【電子書籍】[ Flora Huang ]
<p>This book explores the role of institutions in economic growth, looking in particular at specific Asian countries and at particular cities within those countries. It considers a wide range of factors besides institutions, including the law, cultural factors and overall government arrangements. The differences between the countries studied are highlighted, and the impact of these differences assessed: the impact of English common law on arrangements in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia; sh……続きを見る
Don't Dream【電子書籍】[ Naz Tliachev ]
<p>It is known that poetry makes immortal all that is the best and the most beautiful in the world. Writing poetry is a diligent effort and happiness. During writing poetry I share my vision, emotions, intellect, and express my feelings. Simple words and rhymes as echoes evoke uncanny melody in my heart; different poemsdifferent melodies. Happiness, if a reader likes it. It means that we have the same emotional experience, we think together about the most beautiful and the most poignant mome……続きを見る
Cuckold to My Russian Bride【電子書籍】[ Sissy Jasmine ]
<p>After marrying a beautiful Russian girl., our sex life falls apart. Unable to satisfy her I become addicted to internet porn, but finds out and to save my marriage I slowly become her cuckold and then a sissy too.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。続きを見る
Alien Slave Masters: Part Two: A Box Set【電子書籍】[ Samantha Cayto ]
<p><strong>Alien Slave Masters: Part Two ? a box set</strong></p> <p>4 ? The Captive Pet</p> <p>5 ? The Inconvenient Pet</p> <p><strong>6 ? The Undercover Pet</strong></p> <p><em>When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute, conquering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slaves.</em></p> <p>Desperate humans fled an overcrowded Earth and believed they had found sanctuary on New World Colony 7. The Travians see them as invaders and have become r……続きを見る
In Zuid-Bretagne: De Aarde en haar Volken, 1906【電子書籍】[ Gustave Geffroy ]
Pottenmarkt te Quimper. Het stadje Quimperl? kan heel goed als type dienen voor Zuid-Bretagne, hier in dit hoekje van Finist?re, zooals Morlaix en Saint-Pol-de-L?on Noord-Bretagne typeeren. Men kan te Quimperl? van allerlei eigenaardigheden der natuur en van ieder aanzicht, dat een landschap bieden kan, genieten. Meisje uit Quimperl?. Als men aankomt op een avond van helderen maneschijn, vindt men een vreedzaam, stil stadje, dat er fantastisch uitziet, met ledige straten en kronkelende steegje……続きを見る
Winning in Both LeaguesReflections from Baseball's Front Office【電子書籍】[ J. Frank Cashen ]
<p>In <em>Winning in Both Leagues</em> J. Frank Cashen looks back over his twenty-five-year career in baseball. Best known as the general manager of the New York Mets during their remaking and rise to glory in the 1980s, Cashen fills the pages with lively stories from his baseball tenure during the last half of the twentieth century. His career included a stint with the Baltimore Orioles of the late ’60s and ’70s, working with manager Earl Weaver and the great teams of the early ’70s, in……続きを見る
Economic Wealth Creation and the Social Division of LabourVolume II: Network Economies【電子書籍】[ Robert P. Gilles ]
<p>‘This is the second book of a two-volume set that continues Adam Smith's work, using the tools mathematical, experimental, and behavioural economists have developed since 1776. As in the first volume, markets are not the central organising principle. Instead, attention centres on social institutions and the division of labour that they enable. The book studies this via the endogenous division of labour that existing institutions help form. The first book in the series examined this proble……続きを見る
Die Angst vor dem Tod ?berwindenSterbemeditation und Sterbebegleitung【電子書籍】[ Karim El Souessi ]
<p>Verg?nglichkeit und Tod - jeden Tag pr?sent, sind wir doch geneigt, diese unvermeidliche Realit?t im Alltag zu verdr?ngen, ruft sie bei uns doch oft Bedr?ckung, Angst oder gar Schrecken hervor. Genau aus diesem Grund ist dieses Buch so ungemein wertvoll, denn es gelingt dem Autor, sich diesen Themen behutsam und in gro?er Gelassenheit zu n?hern. Ausgesuchte Zitate, Gedichte, Geschichten und Episoden regen an, sich kontemplativ einzulassen und einen ganz nat?rlichen Umgang mit den Unab?nde……続きを見る
IMF History (1966-1971) Volume 2【電子書籍】[ International Monetary Fund ]
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Brilliant Checklists for Project Managers revised 2nd edn【電子書籍】[ Richard Newton ]
<p><strong>Run every project smoothly, successfully and on time</strong></p> <p>?</p> <p>This book contains a range of essential checklists for busy project managers, each one of which has been developed, tested and proven to work.</p> <p>?</p> <p>*Brilliant Checklists for Project Managers?*quickly provides hundreds of practical tips, techniques and strategies, based on proven insider knowledge and expertise to help you to deliver brilliant projects.</p> <ul> <li>Co……続きを見る
Frauenarbeit in der Schweiz w?hrend der Industrialisierung【電子書籍】[ Christina Kornelsen-Teichrieb ]
<p>Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich Geschichte Europa - and. L?nder - Neuzeit, Absolutismus, Industrialisierung, Note: 2,3, Universit?t Bielefeld, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die vorliegende Arbeit besch?ftigt sich mit der Frauenarbeit in der Schweiz w?hrend der Phase der Industrialisierung, also seit etwa 1800 bis zum Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges. Dabei wurde die Frau besonders im 19. Jahrhundert sozial benachteiligt, f?r ihre Arbeit entweder gar nicht oder minderwertig entlo……続きを見る
Expel the PretenderRhetoric Renounced and the Politics of Style【電子書籍】[ Eve Wiederhold ]
<p>Political fights are not waged over who is speaking the truth but over whether any given claim seems to be authentic. Expel the Pretender: Rhetoric Renounced and the Politics of Style examines how rhetorical style influences judgments about how to communicate integrity and good will. Eve Wiederhold argues that attitudes about style’s significance to judgment are both undertheorized and over-determined, especially when style is regarded as an embellishment rather than as a constitutive asp……続きを見る
The Unwelcome Warlock: A Legend of EthsharA Legend of Ethshar【電子書籍】[ Lawrence Watt-Evans ]
<p>The Calling. Sooner or later, it claimed every powerful warlock . . . a growing magical compulsion to go north to the mysterious land of Aldagmor that nothing could stop. None ever returned.</p> <p>Hanner the Warlock knew his days were numbered. The Calling pulled at him ceaselessly now, and his ability to resist had begun to crumble. So he determined to find a place where the Calling couldn’t reach him . . . another world, located through a magic tapestry. Every warlock knew that the……続きを見る
Mom Forgot! (Diary of a Caregiver)
著 者 : Teresa Hopson-Finley出版年 : 10-Dec-2002ISBN-10 : 1403391440 ISBN-13 : 9781403391445 出版社 : Unknows続きを見る
Fisken hedder Felix【電子書籍】[ Leif Schack-Nielsen ]
<p>Felix er en sl?rhale.<br /> Olivia f?r lov til at k?be ikke bare ?n sl?rhale, men to sl?rhaler.<br /> L?s om sl?rhalen Felix og ... Felini.<br /> Og f? mere at vide om, hvordan man passer fisk.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。続きを見る
Das Original-BlutgruppenkonzeptTips f?r die Blutgruppe 0【電子書籍】[ Peter J. D'Adamo ]
<p>Was tun Sie, wenn Sie beim Einkaufen, beim Kochen, im Restaurant oder auf Reisen schnell wissen wollen, ob bestimmte Nahrungsmittel f?r Sie sinnvoll sind oder nicht? Der amerikanische Naturheilmediziner Peter J. D'Adamo hat f?r die Blutgruppe 0 diese Kompaktinformation neu konzipiert. Darin finden Sie in ?bersichtlichen Tabellen die Nahrungsmittel, die f?r Sie bek?mmlich, neutral oder nicht zu empfehlen sind. Kurze Kapitel ?ber Nahrungserg?nzungsmittel und ?ber Naturheilmittel bei g?ngige……続きを見る
Dean Russo Skull Journal: Lined Journal DEAN RUSSO SKULL JOURNAL [ Dean Russo ]
DEAN RUSSO SKULL JOURNAL Dean Russo QUIET FOX DESIGNS2018 Hardcover English ISBN:9781641780353 洋書 Business & SelfーCulture(ビジネス) SelfーHelp続きを見る
West of Dodge: Growing Up Somewhere in Kansas 1934-1952【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】
West of Dodge: Growing Up Somewhere in Kansas 1934-1952Dimensions: 15.24 x 2.54 x 22.86 centimetres (0.6 kg)------------------------------------ 当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。 通関時に関税・輸入消費税が課税される可能性があります。 商品お届けまでに、約1ヵ月かかります。 「伝票番号の追跡サイトへの反映には10日程度かかります」 当店のカード決済代行会社は Rakuten Commerce LLC です。 ------------------------------------続きを見る
価格:3,247円Excellent Imports
Amerika'n?n ?slam'?【電子書籍】[ Nazmi ?elenk ]
<p>Nazmi ?elenk’in bu ara?t?rmas?, hedefinde ?lkemiz T?rkiye’nin de ?ok ?nemli bir yer tuttu?u ABD’nin yeni “Il?ml? ?slam” projesini ilk kez derli toplu bi?imde ele al?p ge?mi? ve gelecek ba?lam?nda de?erlendiriyor. T?rkiye’nin AKP’nin iktidar?yla paralel bi?imde b?t?n ?slam ve Bat? d?nyas?nda s?rekli tart???lan Amerikan patentli ?slam anlay???n? jeopolitik, tarihsel, k?lt?rel, oryantalistik ve H?ristiyanl?kla ili?kileri ba?lam?nda sergileyen kitap b?t?n bu tart??malara ?arp?c? bir bak?? a??……続きを見る
Analyse Des Problemes Des Mines Artisanales En Rdcongo = Analyse Des Probla]mes Des Mines Artisanales En Rdcongo [French]【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】
Analyse Des Problemes Des Mines Artisanales En Rdcongo = Analyse Des Probla]mes Des Mines Artisanales En Rdcongo [French]Au point de vu potentialit�s en ressources naturelles, la R�publique D�mocratique du Congo (RDC) est l'un des pays le plus riches de la plan�te en mati�re des ressources mini�res. Au sud de la RDC est situ�e la province du Katanga, qui regorge � elle seule 73,3% des richesses mini�res du pays mais la population est relativement pauvre. L'�conomie du pays ……続きを見る
価格:3,978円Excellent Imports
Power Play: Bailey and the Professor【電子書籍】[ Selena Kitt ]
<p><strong>FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR SELENA KITT - OVER TWO MILLION BOOKS SOLD!<br /> ------------------</strong></p> <p><strong>WANT MORE SELENA KITT?</strong></p> <p>website: selenakitt.com<br /> facebook: facebook.com/selenakitt<br /> twitter: twitter.com/selenakitt @selenakitt<br /> blog: selenakitt.com/blog</p> <p><strong>Get ALL SIX of Selena Kitt’s FREE READS</strong> by joining her mailing list!<br /> CUT & PASTE: bit.ly/SKMLnews</p……続きを見る
Обратная сторонаТом 1【電子書籍】[ Виталий Вавикин ]
Птицы сходят с ума ー слетаются над фабрикой, построенной на окраине небольшого города, и начинают истреблять друг друга. Вспышка неизвестного вируса распространяется на рабочих. Жители города требуют закрыть фабрику, меж тем болезнь проникает за пределы заводской ограды. Отчаявшиеся горожане блокируют поставки сырья и вывоз продукции. Недовольных становится больше после того, как следом за птицами начинают самоистребление другие животные. Белки и дикие кошки рвут друг друга на части. На очере……続きを見る
Seconde TerreIdentit? cach?e【電子書籍】[ Priska Poirier ]
<p>Apr?s une m?tamorphose compl?te de son apparence et l'acquisition d'une nouvelle identit?, Benjamin doit reprendre des forces et devenir un athl?te accompli. Il ne dispose que de huit semaines avant le d?but du concours Destination Iskay, auquel il vient d'?tre accept?. Sur les deux mille participants, il n'en restera que cinquante ? la fin des ?preuves. Benjamin doit absolument ?tre de ce nombre ! C'est le seul moyen de se rendre sur la nouvelle plan?te et, surtout, d'arr?ter Zhara dans ……続きを見る
Artemisia Gentileschi: The Image of the Female Hero in Italian Baroque Art ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI [ Mary D. Garrard ]
ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI Mary D. Garrard PRINCETON UNIV PR1991 Paperback English ISBN:9780691002859 洋書 Art & Entertainment(芸術&エンターテインメント) Art続きを見る
Blackstone's Guide to the Defamation Act【電子書籍】
<p>The Defamation Act constitutes a significant overhaul of UK defamation legislation, which follows years of concern about the detrimental effects that preceeding libel laws had on freedom of expression, and the extent to which the jurisdiction had become a magnet for libel claimants. This new Blackstone's Guide combines the full text of the Act and extracts of related relevant legislation with an expert narrative. It brings practitioners up-to-date with this complex piece of drafting. Its ……続きを見る
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