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Confession d'un joueur de poker robotisé
出版社: Neverdied
発売日: 2017年06月06日
Le premier livre francophone s'ouvrant sur le monde des "Poker Bots", ces logiciels robots qui jouent au poker en ligne et qui amassent des fortunes. Ce livre sera votre premier guide dans cet unive……続きを見る
Advanced Concepts in No-Limit Hold'em
著者:Hunter Cichy
出版社: D&B Publishing
発売日: 2017年08月20日
No-Limit Hold'em is an extremely complex game that is difficult to learn and even more difficult to teach. Many authors have produced works on this topic which are either too simplistic or far too c……続きを見る
The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win
著者:Maria Konnikova
出版社: HarperCollins Publishers
発売日: 2020年06月23日
How a New York Times bestselling author and New Yorker contributor parlayed a strong grasp of the science of human decision-making and a woeful ignorance of cards into a life-changing run as a profe……続きを見る
著者:瑪莉亞.柯妮可娃(Maria Konnikova)
出版社: 圓神出版事業機構
発売日: 2020年09月01日
◆《紐約時報》選書、《華盛頓郵報》推薦、亞馬遜單週最暢銷及最多人閱讀書籍! ◆《華盛頓郵報》《紐約時報》《自然》《Inc》《每日電訊報》《BBC》共聲讚嘆 ◆馮勃翰、蔡宇哲、丹尼爾・品克、亞當・格蘭特、葛瑞琴……続きを見る
Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics
著者:Eric Rodwell
出版社: Baron Barclay
発売日: 2017年07月01日
This books contains articles adapted into book form that have been designed for all levels of player: by starting with the basics on the topic and gradually filling in details up to expert level, I ……続きを見る
Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse
著者:Wizards of the Coast, Jay Annelli
発売日: 2021年08月24日
An official visual guide to the fantastical worlds and legendary characters of Magic: The Gathering The various realms of Magic: The Gathering’s storied Multiverse have served as host to countless e……続きを見る
Mastering Mixed Games
著者:Dylan Linde
出版社: D&B Publishing
発売日: 2020年02月04日
Love poker but tired of playing No-Limit Hold'em? ----- Take up mixed games! ----- Mixed games are becoming more and more popular. The World Series of Poker features events such as Omaha 8-or-Better……続きを見る
Poker Strategy: The Top 100 Best Ways To Greatly Improve Your Poker Game
著者:Ace McCloud
出版社: Ace McCloud
発売日: 2017年03月17日
Are you tired of losing at poker? Do you wish you knew how to play better? Whether you want to (1) know how to calculate odds the right way, (2) use body language and your opponents' "tells" to your……続きを見る
Texas Hold'Em Wisdom for Winning
著者:Gene Cardo
出版社: ​Gene Cardo
発売日: 2021年04月26日
This book will teach you proven ways of winning and, by using the revealed secrets, you will learn to play a more powerful game of Texas Hold'Em. You will find the strategies easy to use and they wi……続きを見る
Magic: The Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch
著者:Wizards of the Coast
発売日: 2019年07月23日
A visual history of Magic: The Gathering's Gatewatch Mythology Over the course of its 25-year history, Magic: The Gatheringーthe world’s first and most popular trading card gameーhas redefined the f……続きを見る
Jonathan Little's Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games
著者:Jonathan Little
出版社: D&B Publishing
発売日: 2020年10月14日
Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games is a must-have if you have ambitions to move up the stakes. Renowned poker player and leading coach Jonathan Little brings together ten No-Limit experts to ……続きを見る
Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em
著者:Jonathan Little
出版社: D&B Publishing
発売日: 2017年08月20日
There is a lot of money to be made at small stakes no-limit hold'em because...surprise, surprise...most of the players aren't very good. ----- However, few players understand exactly how to exploit ……続きを見る
Como Jogar Poker e Vencer!
著者:Marcelo Salles
出版社: Beagle Marketing
発売日: 2014年12月08日
Não compre nenhum livro de poker antes de ler este guia GRÁTIS! Se você está começando a jogar Texas Hold'em ou quer aprender como jogar (e vencer), este guia foi feito para você! Em Como Jogar Poke……続きを見る
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Modern Poker Theory
著者:Michael Acevedo
出版社: D&B Publishing
発売日: 2020年02月04日
Modern Poker Theory is a comprehensive, rigorous guide to the most important aspects of No-Limit Hold'em. It is based around an in-depth examination of what is meant by game theory optimal play (GTO……続きを見る
Poker Satellite Strategy
著者:Dara O'Kearney, Barry Carter
出版社: Barry Carter
発売日: 2019年03月17日
The best way for small stakes players to win life-changing amounts of money is to win a satellite into a bigger tournament. Yet there is surprisingly little written about how to win satellite tourna……続きを見る
Expert Card Technique
著者:Frederick Braué, Jean Hugard
出版社: Dover Publications
発売日: 2012年04月02日
If you have ever tried to do a card trick and failed, you know what it is to be embarrassed. You may try to cover up by doing a more difficult trick and fail again. The way out of this dilemma, howe……続きを見る
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
出版社: Dover Publications
発売日: 2012年04月02日
In the first decades of the twentieth century magicians filled the magic journals with articles on card tricks, giving improvements on classic tricks and inventing new ones. If you could put togethe……続きを見る
Beat Texas Hold'em
著者:Tom McEvoy, Shane Smith
出版社: Cardoza Publishiing
発売日: 2009年12月15日
This book covers the hot games right now seen on TV and played by millions nationwide: limit, no-limit, online and tournament hold'em. In each of the four sections games, the authors cover the basic……続きを見る
Il mio amico Bridge
著者:Marti Gruter
出版社: Marti Gruter
発売日: 2017年05月17日
Chi s’imbatte in questo libro, potrebbe sfogliarlo distrattamente e subito riporlo con un sospiro d’insoddisfazione. Sfiorato dal destino, il cuore chiuso, indurito dall’ovvio e raggelato dal dubbio……続きを見る
Russian Roulette With a Cap Gun
著者:Keith Redzinski
出版社: eBookIt.com
発売日: 2020年03月04日
Russian roulette with a cap gun is a fun more adult style game for the adventurous gamer!! 続きを見る
Super System Deluxe - Handbuch Power Poker
著者:Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Mike Caro
出版社: HEEL Verlag
発売日: 2012年10月17日
Super System Deluxe bringt die größten Pokerspieler und Theoretiker von heute zusammen. Dieses Buch soll nicht das ursprüngliche Super System ersetzen, sondern vielmehr eine Erweiterung dieses großa……続きを見る
Thursday-Night Poker
著者:Peter O. Steiner
出版社: Random House Publishing Group
発売日: 2005年11月29日
Intended for the serious biweekly or monthly player, this gaming guide devotes chapters to calculating probabilities, estimating odds, bluffing and being bluffed, reading your opponents' down cards,……続きを見る
El gran libro de los juegos de cartas
著者:Évelyne Keller, Jean Keller, Laurence Albert
出版社: Parkstone International
発売日: 2021年02月02日
Para animar una velada, ocupar una tarde lluviosa de domingo o finalizar agradablemente una buena comida familiar, ¿hay algo mejor que jugar a las cartas? En efecto, en esta obra encontrará numeroso……続きを見る
Rules Of Poker: Essentials For Every Game
著者:Lou Krieger, Sheree Bykofsky
出版社: Citadel Press
発売日: 2006年12月01日
The Ultimate Argument Settler This book holds the answer to every poker argument, standstill, or face-off imaginable. Experts Lou Krieger and Sheree Bykofsky provide answers to hundreds of tough que……続きを見る
Cómo ganar dinero al póquer online
著者:Paul Welles
出版社: Libros Cúpula
発売日: 2013年09月17日
Para empezar a jugar al póquer online no necesitas mucho dinero; sólo una cantidad pequeña que no suponga un coste para tu día a día. Con este insignificante capital inicial se abrirá un nuevo campo……続きを見る
El gran libro de los juegos de cartas
著者:Pierre Fréha, Évelyne Keller, Jean Keller
出版社: Parkstone International
発売日: 2020年12月30日
Para animar una velada, ocupar una tarde lluviosa de domingo o finalizar agradablemente una buena comida familiar, ¿hay algo mejor que jugar a las cartas? En efecto, en esta obra encontrará numeroso……続きを見る
Ken Warren Teaches Hold'em
著者:Ken Warren
出版社: Cardoza Publishiing
発売日: 2009年12月15日
Ken Warren continues his straightforward lessons for the average holdem player by concentrating on the strategies and plays needed to win money in todays games. In addition to a dozen thorough chapt……続きを見る
100 Best Solitaire Games
著者:Lee Sloane
出版社: Cardoza Publishing
発売日: 2013年12月12日
These are the hundred best and most enjoyable variations of America's most popular card game - solitaire!  Loads of examples, diagrams, illustrations and strategies keep the writing lively, while sh……続きを見る
Card Games Properly Explained
著者:Arnold Marks
出版社: Little, Brown Book Group
発売日: 2010年09月10日
If you have never played cards before, this book is the ideal introduction. Or if you have a basic idea of the rules of some games, it will help you extend your existing knowledge and add new games ……続きを見る
Le Mental Au Poker
著者:Jared Tendler, Barry Carter
出版社: Jared Tendler, LLC
発売日: 2014年05月19日
Le mental est peut-être encore plus important au poker que dans n’importe quelle autre forme de compétition. C’est un des seuls jeux au monde où vous pouvez jouer parfaitement et……続きを見る
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