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Music Theory and Songwriting: A Comprehensive Guide to Understand and Write Music, Song and Lyrics from Beginner to Expert
著者:Samuel Bernstein
出版社: ​Frank Johnson
発売日: 2021年05月07日
Do you have a passion in music? Do you want to improve a skill or understanding of songwriting, singing, music analysis or music production, or generally grow your general acuity of music? Or do you……続きを見る
Songwriting: Essential Guide to Song Structure, Lyrics Form and Melodic Progressions
著者:Samuel Bernstein
出版社: ​Frank Johnson
発売日: 2021年05月01日
You Are About To Discover How To Take Your Songwriting Skill To The Next Level, Even If You've Struggled To Get Your Creative Juices To Write Your First Song! Another poor-performing song? Take your……続きを見る
How To Make Money Licensing Your Music
著者:Daniel Carrizalez
出版社: ​Daniel Carrizalez
発売日: 2020年05月04日
Chances are that if you have downloaded this e-book, you are already making music and producing your own songs and demos. You might have your music on Soundcloud, Spotify or different streaming plat……続きを見る
Synthesizer Cookbook: How to Use Filters
著者:Screech House
出版社: Screech House
発売日: 2019年03月24日
INSTANTLY UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE FILTERS AND FULLY MASTER YOUR SYNTHESIZER, EVEN IF YOU'RE A COMPLETE BEGINNER NEW: The ultimate 4-part series for sensational sound design Learning how to do synthesi……続きを見る
Music Theory: The Complete Guide to Read, Write and Understand Music from Beginner to Expert - Vol. 1
著者:Samuel Bernstein
出版社: ​Frank Johnson
発売日: 2021年02月13日
You Are About To Learn How To Become A Pro In All Kinds Of Music By Learning How To Read, Write And Understand Music Theory! If you've always wanted to pursue your interest in music or improve your ……続きを見る
My Musical Life
著者:Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Carl Van Vechten
出版社: Scribis Publishing
発売日: 2022年05月11日
Rimsky-Korsakov recalls his own life, in his own words This eBook edition of My Musical Life by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, originally published in 1924, contains detailed Table Of Contents and Navigat……続きを見る
Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony
著者:Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
出版社: Dover Publications
発売日: 2013年06月26日
Written during Tchaikovsky’s years as professor at the renowned Moscow Conservatory, this volume presents a clear and thorough introduction to the study of harmony. The great Russian composer expoun……続きを見る
Music Theory For Dummies
著者:Michael Pilhofer, Holly Day
出版社: Wiley
発売日: 2019年06月18日
Tune in to how music really works Whether you’re a student, a performer, or simply a fan, this book makes music theory easy, providing you with a friendly guide to the concepts, artistry, and techni……続きを見る
Wild Soundscapes
著者:Bernie Krause
出版社: Yale University Press
発売日: 2016年05月01日
Through his organization Wild Sanctuary, Bernie Krause has traveled the globe to hear and record the sounds of diverse natural habitats. Wild Soundscapes, first published in 2002, inspires readers t……続きを見る
We Have Always Been Minimalist
著者:Christophe Levaux
出版社: University of California Press
発売日: 2020年08月07日
Rising out of the American art music movement of the late 1950s and 1960s, minimalism shook the foundations of the traditional constructs of classical music, becoming one of the most important and i……続きを見る
John Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra
著者:Martin Iddon, Philip Thomas
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2020年05月14日
John Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra is one of the seminal works of the second half of the twentieth century, and the centerpiece of the middle period of Cage's output. It is a culmination of……続きを見る
Bach's Musical Universe: The Composer and His Work
著者:Christoph Wolff
出版社: W. W. Norton & Company
発売日: 2020年03月24日
A concentrated study of Johann Sebastian Bach’s creative output and greatest pieces, capturing the essence of his art. Throughout his life, renowned and prolific composer Johann Sebastian Bach artic……続きを見る
Form as Harmony in Rock Music
著者:Drew Nobile
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2020年04月23日
Overturning the inherited belief that popular music is unrefined, Form as Harmony in Rock Music brings the process-based approach of classical theorists to popular music scholarship. Author Drew Nob……続きを見る
The Ultimate Book of Song Starters
著者:Ed Bell
出版社: The Song Foundry
発売日: 2019年08月30日
Stuck? Blocked? Short of inspiration? Don’t be – get writing instead. The Ultimate Book of Song Starters is the game-changing compilation of 501 powerful, creative and varied ideas for writing new s……続きを見る
Music Composition for Film and Television
著者:Lalo Schifrin
出版社: Berklee Press
発売日: 2016年04月24日
(Berklee Guide). Learn film-scoring techniques from one of the great film/television composers of our time. Lalo Schifrin shares his insights into the intimate relationship between music and drama. ……続きを見る
A Geometry of Music
著者:Dmitri Tymoczko
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2016年05月31日
How is the Beatles' "Help!" similar to Stravinsky's "Dance of the Adolescents?" How does Radiohead's "Just" relate to the improvisations of Bill Evans? And how do Chopin's works exploit the non-Eucl……続きを見る
Musikwissenschaftliches Arbeiten
著者:Matthew Gardner, Sara Springfeld
出版社: Bärenreiter-Verlag
発売日: 2016年05月12日
Der lang erwartete Nachfolger von Nicole Schwindt-Gross' Erfolgsbuch "Musikwissenschaftliches Arbeiten" ist ein praktisches Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch für das Studium der Musik und Musikwissenschaft, das……続きを見る
The Craft of Modal Counterpoint
著者:Thomas Benjamin
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2005年07月08日
"The Craft of Modal Counterpoint" is the companion book to Benjamin's "The Craft of Tonal Counterpoint," recently republished in a second edition by Routledge. Modal counterpoint is the style of com……続きを見る
Dá Para Rir, Chorar E Sonhar
著者:Christian Fonseca
出版社: Clube de Autores
発売日: 2018年08月17日
O presente livro visa compreender como os sambas de enredo do Grupo Especial do carnaval carioca, entre 1980 a 1990, acionaram aspectos do passado e projetavam uma expectativa de futuro para a socie……続きを見る
The Guitar Fretwork Compendium Part III: Music Theory Fundamentals
著者:Derek Fox
出版社: Derek Fox
発売日: 2015年05月17日
The Guitar Fretwork Compendium Part III - Music Theory Fundamentals introduces the guitarist to intervals, ear training, spelling chords, chord inversions, and harmonized scales. These concepts are ……続きを見る
Composition in Black and White
著者:Kathryn Talalay
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 1997年02月27日
George Schuyler, a renowned and controversial black journalist of the Harlem Renaissance, and Josephine Cogdell, a blond, blue-eyed Texas heiress and granddaughter of slave owners, believed that int……続きを見る
द बिग बुक का आंदोलनों वॉल्यूम 3
著者:Ciro Plateroti
出版社: Ciro Plateroti
発売日: 2021年02月05日
द ग्रेट बुक ऑफ मूवमेंट्स दोनों हाथों या पैरों के शारीरिक समन्वय के माध्यम से लयबद्ध भावना विकसित करने के लिए एक संगीत विधि है। इसे तीन खंडों में विभाजित किया गया है। हालाँकि यह किसी भी शैली या वाद्य……続きを見る
Ukulele Songwriter’s Chord Progression Bible - Book 4
著者:Music Resources
出版社: ​MusicResources
発売日: 2022年05月19日
Ukulele Songwriter's Chord Progression Bible With over 150 Chord progressions per book, never get stumped writting a song again! How To Use This Book Mood – The mood give you an overview of the styl……続きを見る
Berimba Brasileiro - Método de Percussão
著者:Jeronimo Santos Da Silva, Mestre Jeronimo
出版社: Mestre Jeronimo
発売日: 2020年06月28日
TOQUE BIRIMBAU & APRENDA AS LÍNGUAS INGLESA e BRASILEIRA ー PLAY BERIMBAU & LEARN ENGLISH and BRAZILIAN IDIOMS The book informs about the history and development of the trade and practice of Brazili……続きを見る
Harry Somers
著者:Brian Cherney
出版社: University of Toronto Press
発売日: 2017年01月13日
Harry Somers is one of Canada's leading composers, and one of the most original. In the 1950s he experimented with contrapuntal writing, serialism, and style juxtaposition; in more recent years he h……続きを見る
The Digital Musician
著者:Andrew Hugill
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2018年09月07日
The Digital Musician, Third Edition is an introductory textbook for creative music technology and electronic music courses. Written to be accessible to students from any musical background, this boo……続きを見る
Violin Mastery
著者:Joel Alexander
出版社: Personal Growth
発売日: 2018年01月28日
Note, this is not a how to book, it is not going to teach you how to play the violin but will show you discussions, lessons and techniques from great violinist. Do you enjoy the beautiful sounds pro……続きを見る
Past Sounds
著者:Gillian Perrin
出版社: Austin Macauley Publishers
発売日: 2022年04月29日
This is a book about classical music – for people who say they love music “but don’t understand how it works”, as well as for performers and music students of all ages. Proposing that deeper enjoyme……続きを見る
The Principles and Practice of Tonal Counterpoint
著者:Evan Jones
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2015年08月27日
The Principles and Practice of Tonal Counterpoint is a comprehensive textbook that combines practical, "how-to" guidance in 18th-century techniques with extensive historical examination of contrapun……続きを見る
著者:Samuel Duarte Marini
出版社: Clube de Autores
発売日: 2016年05月13日
Samuel Marini contribui com o mundo com suas experiências vividas pela suas fases na vida: por poesias, letras de música e um conto. 続きを見る
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