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Crossword Puzzles by Ted. Volume One.
著者:Ted Summerfield
出版社: Ted Summerfield
発売日: 2015年07月23日
78 pages containing 64 crossword puzzles. These graphic image crossword puzzles were never published in a newspaper but are now available as an inexpensive puzzle magazine ebook. A variety of shapes……続きを見る
1200 Fun, Random & Interesting Facts
著者:Scott Matthews
出版社: ​Scott Matthews
発売日: 2020年06月05日
Did you know Google found that test scores and college degrees don't give an accurate representation of a person and 14% of their employees haven't ever been to college. Did you know the freezing br……続きを見る
The Canterbury Puzzles
著者:Henry Dudeney
出版社: Penguin Books Ltd
発売日: 2017年05月18日
For the mastermind who has what it takes to solve the tricky conundrums from Britain's first and greatest puzzle master. --------------------------------------- Solve the puzzle of The Mystery of Ra……続きを見る
Barzellette per bambini - 4 Libri in 1
出版社: A.C
発売日: 2021年05月10日
600 Barzellette Inedite!!!Preparatevi per la più Grande e Divertente Collezione di Barzellette. Le barzellette sono uno dei modi migliori - e più divertenti - per stimolare la mente del bambino affi……続きを見る
Eight Digits Converter
著者:Gregory Zorzos
出版社: Gregory Zorzos
発売日: 2013年11月02日
This is a mathematical book and you must find the addition of two numbers (each one with eight digits) with the given hint of four digits  and the sum of the two numbers. f.e. you have the que……続きを見る
The Crossword Century
著者:Alan Connor
出版社: Penguin Publishing Group
発売日: 2014年07月10日
A journalist and word aficionado salutes the 100-year history and pleasures of crossword puzzles Since its debut in The New York World on December 21, 1913, the crossword puzzle has enjoyed a rich a……続きを見る
Eğiten, Düşündüren ve Geliştiren Zeka Soruları
著者:Liya Yayınları
出版社: Liya Yayınları
発売日: 2001年01月01日
Hem matematiksel hem de zihinsel yeteneğinizi geliştirmek için hazırlanmış sorularla hem eğlenecek hem de vaktin nasıl geçtiğini anlamayacaksınız. İnce Kapak: Sayfa Sayısı: 112 Baskı Yılı: 2013 e-Ki……続きを見る
出版社: 永續圖書有限公司
発売日: 2018年10月03日
在資訊爆炸、充斥著外來語的今天,你是否對母語漸漸感到陌生? 有心想要寫的一手好文章;卻又不想去看乏味的教科書? 那就來用遊戲讓自己的成語功力更上一層樓吧!這裡除了有詳細的成語解釋外,還有成語的故事來源……続きを見る
The GCHQ Puzzle Book
出版社: Penguin Books Ltd
発売日: 2016年10月20日
Sharpen your mind to beat the smartest brains in Britain with the original official GCHQ puzzle book Would GCHQ recruit you? Pit your wits against the people who cracked Enigma in the official puzzl……続きを見る
The Million Word Crossword Answer Book
著者:Stanley Newman, Daniel Stark
出版社: HarperCollins e-books
発売日: 2010年12月21日
The Million Word Crossword Dictionary was hailed by New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz as "the largest, most up-to-date, and most useful" and praised by crossword editors from all over the ……続きを見る
Automobiles of the '60s Ultimate Crossword Puzzle
著者:Ken Kayser
出版社: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
発売日: 2020年03月19日
: A simple idea starts a look back. This puzzle and its many clues have been collected over the years from first admiring ’60s vehicles as a kid to assembling many model cars into my teens, and work……続きを見る
The Penguin Book Quiz
著者:James Walton
出版社: Penguin Books Ltd
発売日: 2019年10月03日
The perfect gift for Christmas Which Haruki Murakami novel shares its title with a Beatles song? In Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what is Charlie's surname? What is heavy-drinking ……続きを見る
The GCHQ Puzzle Book II
出版社: Penguin Books Ltd
発売日: 2018年10月18日
Train your brain with these fiendishly difficult puzzles, the perfect companion for anyone wanting to keep their mind busy 'Fiendishly tricky' Daily Mail With their first bestselling book, The GCHQ ……続きを見る
Pretty Girl In Crimson Rose
著者:Sandy Balfour
出版社: Atlantic Books
発売日: 2013年11月07日
A little gem of a memoir... The book adds up to more than a sum of its parts and lingers in the memory long after the final page. -- Sunday Telegraph Half a million people a day do it in the Telegr……続きを見る
Bletchley Park Brainteasers
著者:Sinclair McKay
出版社: Headline
発売日: 2017年10月19日
Bletchley Park Brainteasers was the runaway Christmas bestseller in 2017 and delighted hundreds of thousands of devoted puzzlers with its fiendish puzzles, riddles and enigmas. It's never to late to……続きを見る
Super Mario 3D All-Stars: The Complete Guide - Walkthrough - Tips And Tricks
著者:Donald T Robinson
出版社: Robinson
発売日: 2020年09月28日
With the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, fans young and old alike will get the chance to enjoy three major cornerstones in the Italian plumber's platforming history. And while veteran players m……続きを見る
Anagrams for Crosswords
著者:Dr Annavarapu Gopalakrishna
出版社: AuthorHouse
発売日: 2018年01月13日
Even the manliest will suffer from ailments Sweat imparts body odour to armpits He has money aplenty to pay the penalty When education is auctioned and teachers become cheaters, naturally the studen……続きを見る
The Times How to Crack Cryptic Crosswords: Hints and tips to help every solver
著者:Tim Moorey
出版社: HarperCollins Publishers
発売日: 2018年10月04日
Challenge yourself at home with word and number puzzles An updated edition from expert crossword setter and experienced tutor, Tim Moorey, including 24 brand-new annotated practice crosswords. Crypt……続きを見る
The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
著者:Irving Chernev
出版社: Dover Publications
発売日: 2012年04月02日
Here are 62 masterly demonstrations of the basic strategies of winning at chess, compiled and annotated by one of the game's most admired and respected writers. Each game offers a classic example of……続きを見る
The Secret to Solving Crossword Puzzles
著者:Richard Mann
出版社: BookBaby
発売日: 2017年03月24日
(same as above, but with this from the author) So, you're "crossword curious." You've wanted to know more about crossword puzzles but were afraid to ask. Maybe you've tried one or two, then threw th……続きを見る
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - The Ultimate tips and tricks to help you win
著者:M Schou Anne
出版社: Anne M Schou
発売日: 2020年10月07日
Kingdoms of Amalur first launched in 2012 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It was an ambitious game to be sure, was fairly well-received, but also didn't gather as much attention as the developers wan……続きを見る
出版社: 永續圖書有限公司
発売日: 2018年10月03日
自從成語填空遊戲產生以來,它就具有外文填字所不具有的意趣。數以千萬計的漢字所能夠帶來的繁復變化,並非幾十個字母所能企及。 除了日常用詞之外,填字的內容往往都還涉及成語俗諺、詩詞歌賦、名言警句等等,古……続きを見る
Thinking Inside the Box
著者:Adrienne Raphel
出版社: Penguin Publishing Group
発売日: 2020年03月17日
**“This cultural and personal history of crosswords and their fans, written by an aficionado, is diverting, informative, and discursive.” ーThe New York Times Book Review, Editors’ Choice A delightf……続きを見る
Gioca con PC e TV Vol. 2
著者:Stefano Zanzoni
出版社: Stefano Zanzoni
発売日: 2015年11月17日
Secondo volume della collana Gioca con PC e TV. All'interno puoi trovare il link per scaricare gratuitamente su PC i giochi: "Parole", "Numeri" e "Lettere". Nel gioco "Parole" lo scopo è capire nel ……続きを見る
Dear Mom
著者:Kevin Courtney Black
出版社: Kevin Black
発売日: 2019年03月22日
This petite mommy inspired nursery-rhyme book, perfectly warms the heart of every mom, mother, and mama out there. This book is to show appreciation for that special woman in your life, your mom. In……続きを見る
Benny Brincadeiras E Muito Mais.
著者:Benny Salgado
出版社: Clube de Autores
発売日: 2020年06月19日
Oi Amiguinhos!!! Este livro você ira ler Histórias, desenhar e brincar muito, aprender sobre o Papai do Céu. Nós iremos ler uma história, um conto ou uma fábula bem legal! Poderemos ler a sua também……続きを見る
The Horseracing Formula
著者:GBC Press
出版社: Cardoza Publishiing
発売日: 2009年12月15日
This powerful book by turf authority Walter Gibson shows experienced and novice handicappers how to profit by using winning strategies to beat the horses. This repackaged edition shows bettors learn……続きを見る
Basics of Winning Slots
著者:Edward Allen
出版社: Cardoza Publishiing
発売日: 2009年12月15日
Designed for players who want to learn now, this great primer can be read in one quick setting. You'll learn how to make every one of the 150 possible bets with illustrations accompanying every expl……続きを見る
Holdem Hands I Played Badly
著者:Michael Heese
出版社: Cardoza Publishiing
発売日: 2009年12月15日
In a remarkably different approach from every other poker book, and a book that is written by a typical player for a typical player (not penned a TV pro) the author explains how he played hands badl……続きを見る
Crossword Lists & Crossword Solver
著者:Anne Stibbs Kerr
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2013年02月22日
Anyone who regularly tackles challenging crossword puzzles will be familiar with the frustration of unanswered clues blocking the road to completion. Together in one bumper volume, Crossword Lists a……続きを見る
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