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An April Fools' Day
著者:Mike Bozart
出版社: Mike Bozart
発売日: 2017年03月09日
Agents 32 & 33 take a Friday trip to Asheville (NC, USA) to take in the Blackbird Blackbird show at the One Stop pub. It's a nice evening of psychedelically infused folktronica. [sic] Afterwards, th……続きを見る
Dance Songs for Weddings
著者:Lenny Everson
出版社: Lenny Everson
発売日: 2015年05月12日
There are a lot of wonderful songs to which the happy couple can dance at their wedding reception, but sometimes a wedding party will want something less overused, or an additional song or two for a……続きを見る
The Black Tide
著者:David Antonelli
出版社: David Antonelli
発売日: 2016年04月28日
The Black Tide is the story of a young DJ who becomes involved in a life-altering love triangle with two sisters in New York as he pursues his career as a recording artist. He moves to London and ev……続きを見る
Europe's Stars of '80s Dance Pop
著者:James Arena
出版社: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
発売日: 2017年07月07日
Beginning early in the 1980s, a dance music revolution swept across Europe and Britain, merging rock, new wave, disco and worldbeat sounds. The resulting explosion of high-energy, increasingly elect……続きを見る
Anyone Can DJ: An Autobiography About the Power of Decisions
著者:Dan Van Casteele
出版社: 22 Lions Bookstore
発売日: 2015年08月07日
There are some key-points, that most DJs would like to know before their first performances. In this book, I reveal them, while sowing what makes the obvious difference between a successful DJ and o……続きを見る
著者:Steve Aoki, Daniel Paisner
出版社: St. Martin's Publishing Group
発売日: 2019年09月03日
The music. The mix. His life. "[A] passionate, introspective memoir." ーPublishers Weekly "Sometimes I think my whole life can be seen through shades of blue..." ーSteve Aoki Blue is the remarkable ……続きを見る
著者:Simon Reynolds
出版社: minimum fax
発売日: 2020年11月26日
La musica elettronica ci affascina così tanto perché promette il futuro: è la musica di domani, oggi. Questa storia personale e dizionario amoroso di mezzo secolo di musica elettronica – costruit……続きを見る
Dancefloor-Driven Literature
著者:Simon A. Morrison
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2020年05月14日
Almost as soon as 'club culture' took hold - during the UK's Second Summer of Love in 1988 - its sociopolitical impact became clear, with journalists, filmmakers and authors all keen to use this cul……続きを見る
How To Write Trap Music
著者:Angel Dimitrov
出版社: Stereo Output
発売日: 2019年06月28日
Trap music. With its heavy 808 kicks, stuttering hi-hats and crisp snares, the Trap sound revolutionized music production and took the world by storm. This book will teach you how to write it. The a……続きを見る
Music Production For Beginners 2020 Edition: How to Produce Music, The Easy to Read Guide for Music Producers
著者:Tommy Swindali
出版社: ​Thomas William
発売日: 2020年04月01日
Everything You Need To Know About Making Music In One Place! Not so long ago, studio quality recording, mixing and music production was only available to the rich and famous artists. However these d……続きを見る
Musik i det tyvende århundrede
著者:Karl Aage Rasmussen
出版社: Gyldendal
発売日: 2017年05月01日
En uhyre velskrevet, lettilgængelig, livlig, personlig introduktion til den musik, der er skrevet i det tyvende århundrede i forlængelse af den klassiske musiks traditioner - i Danmark, i Europa, i ……続きを見る
Reminded by the Instruments
著者:You Nakai
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2021年03月09日
David Tudor is remembered today in two guises: as an extraordinary pianist of post-war avant-garde music who worked closely with composers like John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen and as a founding ……続きを見る
Rave On
著者:Matthew Collin
出版社: Hannibal
発売日: 2018年09月06日
1997 verfasste Matthew Collin zusammen mit seinem Kollegen John Godfrey mit Altered State - Im Rausch der Sinne das Standardwerk über die damalige Dance-Kultur, ihre Ursprünge, ihre Einflüsse und ih……続きを見る
Composing Digital Music For Dummies
著者:Russell Dean Vines
出版社: Wiley
発売日: 2016年05月16日
Yes, you can turn those great melodies and smokin’ grooves in your head into stunning digital music! And you don’t have to be a musical genius or a computer geek to do it! Composing Digital Music Fo……続きを見る
Template Mixing and Mastering
著者:Billy Decker, Simon Taylor
出版社: The Crowood Press
発売日: 2020年09月21日
Audio production is an incredibly rewarding craft. To take the raw, basic tracks of a fledgling idea and shape them into one glorious stereophonic sound wave is an amazing feat. The transformation f……続きを見る
Making Sense of Recordings
著者:Mads Walther-Hansen
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2020年09月14日
Building on ideas from cognitive metaphor theory, Making Sense of Recordings offers a new perspective on record production, music perception, and the aesthetics of recorded sound. It shows how the l……続きを見る
Composing Electronic Music
著者:Curtis Roads
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2016年05月31日
Electronic music evokes new sensations, feelings, and thoughts in both composers and listeners. Opening the door to an unlimited universe of sound, it engages spatialization as an integral aspect of……続きを見る
Believe in Magic
著者:Robin Turner
出版社: Orion
発売日: 2020年11月12日
'Heavenly is more than a record label, it's the absolute nectar of all that's brilliant in the culture of these island. I love the shit out of them and everything they stand for.' Irvine Welsh BELIE……続きを見る
The Story of Northern Soul
著者:David Nowell
出版社: Portico
発売日: 2012年05月01日
What began as an underground 60s Mod scene in unlicensed, no-frills clubs in the North West of England became a youth craze that has long surpassed all others. The Northern Soul scene has confounded……続きを見る
Everything Keeps Dissolving
出版社: MIT Press
発売日: 2022年04月12日
Core members of the legendary British experimental band Coil tell its story in the present-tense, as events unfold across their twenty-year history. Between 1983 and 2004 the legendary British exper……続きを見る
The Art of Digital Orchestration
著者:Sam McGuire, Zbyněk Matějů
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2020年12月29日
The Art of Digital Orchestration explores how to replicate traditional orchestration techniques using computer technology, with a focus on respecting the music and understanding when using real perf……続きを見る
The Music Producer's Guide To Compression
著者:Ashley Hewitt
出版社: ​Ashley Hewitt
発売日: 2021年03月05日
Effective music production can be a challenge. This is where The Music Producer's Guide comes in. Each book is designed to demystify a music production concept, bringing professional results to your……続きを見る
Creativities, Technologies, and Media in Music Learning and Teaching
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2018年05月03日
Creativities, Media, and Technology in Music Learning and Teaching is one of five paperback books derived from the foundational two-volume Oxford Handbook of Music Education. Designed for music teac……続きを見る
Svjatoslav Richter-biografi
著者:Karl Aage Rasmussen
出版社: Gyldendal
発売日: 2016年12月26日
Den første store biografi om en af det tyvende århundredes største pianister, russeren Svjatoslav Richter, der blandt mange andre prestigefyldte priser har modtaget Léonie Sonnings Musikpris for sit……続きを見る
Le Origini Occulte della Musica
著者:Enrica Perucchietti
出版社: Uno Editori
発売日: 2021年06月04日
La prima raccolta completa di documenti, interviste, aneddoti, foto e retroscena: dalla musica classica al Rock Psichedelico, dall’Heavy Metal all’Hip Hop. La musica di oggi è veloce, frenetica, mar……続きを見る
著者:Karl Aage Rasmussen
出版社: Gyldendal
発売日: 2016年10月17日
Historien om komponisten Robert Schumann og hans ulykkelige liv; hans næsten 'romanagtige' livshistorie, fra barndommen over en stormfuld ungdom med en forbudt forelskelse i musiklærerens datter, ha……続きを見る
Music Production Tips, Tricks, and Secrets: for all Producers, Musicians, Beat Makers, Songwriters, and Media Composers
著者:L. J. Howard, Tommy Gordon
出版社: ​Fretboard Media Group
発売日: 2019年08月20日
Here's a collection of tips, tricks, and secrets for music production covering everything from your skills, productivity, inspiration, and gear. This is the first book in a new series of titles rela……続きを見る
The Secret DJ
著者:The Secret DJ
出版社: Faber & Faber
発売日: 2018年06月19日
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads: The Secret DJ's Guide to Surviving Dance Music is yje true story of DJing, from an authentic voice speaking to this scene. The Secret DJ will give hints and guide n……続きを見る
出版社: Penguin Publishing Group
発売日: 2016年05月17日
From one of the most interesting and iconic musicians of our time, a piercingly tender, funny, and harrowing account of the path from suburban poverty and alienation to a life of beauty, squalor, an……続きを見る
Børn, skab nyt!
著者:Jakob Levinsen
出版社: Gyldendal
発売日: 2013年05月27日
Komponisten, digteren, dirigenten og polemikeren Richard Wagner (1813-83) står i 200-året for sin fødsel som en af europæisk kulturs mest kontroversielle, indflydelsesrige og tiljublede skikkelser. ……続きを見る
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