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Working for the clampdown
出版社: Manchester University Press
発売日: 2019年07月04日
Punk Rock Blitzkrieg - My Life As A Ramone
著者:Marky Ramone
出版社: John Blake
発売日: 2017年07月13日
'Enlightening' - Stephen King THE FINAL WORD ON THE GENIUS AND MISCHIEF OF THE RAMONES, TOLD BY THE MAN WHO KEPT THE BEAT – AND LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT. When punk rock reared its spiky head in the ea……続きを見る
Total Blam Blam #2
著者:Various Contributors
出版社: Various Contributors
発売日: 2015年05月11日
Total Blam Blam #2 is a fanzine/ebook hybrid that concentrates on the music of the 1970s, particularly Glam Rock & Punk. This issue includes interviews with ex-Slits guitarist Viv Albertine and form……続きを見る
Johnny Marr - The Smiths & the Art of Gunslinging
著者:Richard Carman
出版社: John Blake
発売日: 2015年11月05日
The shimmering, muscular guitar pop of The Smiths shone like a beacon through the eighties as they took up the mantle of the best British band since The Beatles. Their unparalleled musicality inspir……続きを見る
I, Shithead
著者:Joey Keithley
出版社: Arsenal Pulp Press
発売日: 2004年04月01日
• Keithley is a contemporary to Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins • DOA was part of the seminal West Coast punk scene that included Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and toured with, among others, The Clash • ……続きを見る
Positive Noises (Total Blam Blam #3)
著者:Various Contributors
出版社: Various Contributors
発売日: 2015年05月11日
Positive Noises (Total Blam Blam #3) is a fanzine/ebook hybrid that concentrates mostly on the music of the 1970s, particularly Glam Rock & Punk. This issue includes interviews with Vic Godard of Su……続きを見る
Lonely Boy
著者:Steve Jones
出版社: Random House
発売日: 2016年11月17日
SOON TO BE A LIMITED SERIES DIRECTED BY DANNY BOYLE _____________________ Foreword by Chrissie Hynde Without the Sex Pistols there would be no punk rock, and without Steve Jones there would be no Se……続きを見る
Violence Girl
著者:Alice Bag
出版社: Feral House
発売日: 2011年09月27日
The proximity of the East L.A. barrio to Hollywood is as close as a short drive on the 101 freeway, but the cultural divide is enormous. Born to Mexican-born and American-naturalized parents, Alicia……続きを見る
Can I Say
著者:Travis Barker, Gavin Edwards
出版社: William Morrow
発売日: 2015年10月20日
Travis Barker’s soul-baring memoir chronicles the highlights and lowlights of the renowned drummer’s art and his life, including the harrowing plane crash that nearly killed him and his traumatic ro……続きを見る
Post-Punk Then and Now
著者:Sue Clayton, Kodwo Eshun, Green Gartside
出版社: Watkins Media
発売日: 2016年09月13日
What were the conditions of possibility for art and music-making before the era of neoliberal capitalism? What role did punk play in turning artists to experiment with popular music in the late 1970……続きを見る
Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed
著者:Paul Trynka
出版社: Crown
発売日: 2011年12月07日
“Fellow rock stars, casual members of the public, lords and media magnates, countless thousands of people will talk of their encounters with this driven, talented, indomitable creature, a man who ha……続きを見る
Face It: A Memoir
著者:Debbie Harry
出版社: HarperCollins Publishers
発売日: 2019年10月01日
‘I was saying things in songs that female singers didn’t really say back then. I wasn’t submissive or begging him to come back, I was kicking his ass, kicking him out, kicking my own ass too. My Blo……続きを見る
Op de vuist
著者:Laurens Ham
出版社: Ambo/Anthos B.V.
発売日: 2020年11月24日
In Op de vuist volgt Laurens Ham het spoor van het protestlied van de jaren zestig tot nu. Wat verbindt de acties van Provo met protesten van vandaag? En is het protestlied nog hetzelfde als toen? I……続きを見る
Quantick's Quite Difficult Quiz Book
著者:David Quantick
出版社: Little, Brown Book Group
発売日: 2021年11月04日
'Best quiz book ever' HARRY HILL 'A Quantick quiz is always an unmissable occasion. Funny and fantastical, brilliant, brain-bending and unutterably bonkers. Quantick is the Captain Beefheart of quiz……続きを見る
Blood and Guts in High School
著者:Kathy Acker
出版社: Penguin Books Ltd
発売日: 2017年08月31日
Janey undergoes, as if in a fairytale, a nightmare journey of exploitation - first incest, then abortions, a job selling cookies to the chi-chi bourgois of Brooklyn, a one-sided love affair with the……続きを見る
American Interior
著者:Gruff Rhys
出版社: Penguin Books Ltd
発売日: 2014年05月08日
American Interior is a psychedelic historical travelogue from Welsh pop legend Gruff Rhys. In 1792, John Evans, a twenty-two-year-old farmhand from Snowdonia, Wales, travelled to America to discover……続きを見る
What Is Punk?
著者:Eric Morse
出版社: Akashic Books
発売日: 2015年09月14日
This is part of our BLACK SHEEP imprint for young readers. Akashic's only other picture book for children is also music-themed -- I Love You Too by Ziggy Marley -- and has sold very well. Very stron……続きを見る
Punk Rock Warlord: the Life and Work of Joe Strummer
著者:Barry J. Faulk, Brady Harrison
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2017年09月27日
Punk Rock Warlord explores the relevance of Joe Strummer within the continuing legacies of both punk rock and progressive politics. It is aimed at scholars and general readers interested in The Clas……続きを見る
Under the Kilt: the Real McKenzies Exposed
著者:Chris Walter
出版社: GFY Press
発売日: 2015年03月01日
The Real McKenzies were the first group to wed traditional Celtic folk music with the ferocious roar of punk rock, and this is their booze-fueled story. Formed in Vancouver, Canada in 1992, the scra……続きを見る
Fashioning Indie
著者:Rachel Lifter
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2019年10月31日
In 2005, British supermodel Kate Moss went to Glastonbury with her then-boyfriend, indie rocker Pete Doherty. Their unwashed appearance captured widespread attention, propelling the British indie mu……続きを見る
Madonna liberaci da Putin!
著者:Andrea Vania, Mikhail Amosov
出版社: Vololibero
発売日: 2019年10月01日
Le Pussy Riot sono un collettivo riot grrrl e punk rock russo, femminista e politicamente impegnato.Sono finite al centro dell’attenzione perché tre di loro sono state condannate e messe in carcere ……続きを見る
Gang of Four's Entertainment!
著者:Kevin J.H. Dettmar
出版社: Bloomsbury Publishing
発売日: 2014年04月24日
Following hard on the explosion of British punk, in 1979 Gang of Four produced post-punk's smartest record, Entertainment! For the first time, a band wedded punk's angry energy to funk's propulsive ……続きを見る
The Haçienda: Cómo no dirigir un club
著者:Peter Hook
出版社: Contra
発売日: 2019年02月13日
Tras el suicidio de Ian Curtis en 1980, los componentes de Joy Division se reagruparon para formar New Order, bajo el auspicio de su mánager, el carismático Rob Gretton. Durante las giras norteameri……続きを見る
Sex Pistols: 90 Days at EMI
著者:Brian Southall
出版社: Music Sales Limited
発売日: 2009年11月11日
A fascinating insider's account of the notorious three months that turned the British music industry on its head. Here is the story of how the Sex Pistols shocked and shamed EMIーthe UK's most rever……続きを見る
The Rise and Fall of The Clash
著者:Danny Garcia
出版社: Thin Man Press
発売日: 2015年05月10日
In 1983, at the height of their fame and success, punk band The Clash simply disintegrated. This is the full story of what really happened, as told to film-maker Danny Garcia by members of the band ……続きを見る
Bugger Banksy
著者:Roy D Hacksaw
出版社: Earth Island Books
発売日: 2021年02月19日
Did you ever wonder what happens to the inhabitants of a building after the artist known as Banksy leaves one of his artworks on their wall? Especially when there's something slightly less than lega……続きを見る
Aftermath of Forever
著者:Natalye Childress
出版社: Microcosm Publishing
発売日: 2014年01月15日
The Aftermath of Forever is a memoir that chronicles the romantic coming-of-age of a woman in her 20s dating in San Francisco. After the disappointment of a failed marriage, Natalye Childress embark……続きを見る
Listen to Punk Rock! Exploring a Musical Genre
著者:June Michele Pulliam
発売日: 2021年04月30日
Discusses the evolution of punk from its inception in 1975 to the present, delving into the lasting impact of the genre throughout society today. Listen to Punk Rock! provides readers with a fuller ……続きを見る
Punk Avenue
著者:Phil Marcade, Debbie Harry
出版社: Three Rooms Press
発売日: 2017年05月02日
Finalist, 2017 Indie Book Awards for Autobiography/Memoir, Foreword Reviews Punk Avenue: The New York City Underground 1972-1982 is an intimate look at author Paris-born Phil Marcade’s first ten yea……続きを見る
Bring the Noise
著者:Simon Reynolds
出版社: Catapult
発売日: 2011年05月24日
Bring the Noise weaves together interviews, reviews, essays, and features to create a critical history of the last twenty years of pop culture, juxtaposing the voices of many of rock and hip hop’s m……続きを見る
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