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Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica #58
著者:Archie Superstars
出版社: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
発売日: 2020年02月05日
Betty & Veronica star in their first comic book series! Take a trip back to the earliest days of Archie Comics as Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge show the town of Riverdale who's really in charge! P……続きを見る
Cab Driver
著者:Matthew Stephens
出版社: Matthew Stephens
発売日: 2015年05月09日
A quick story about two women who find themselves in a world of trouble when they hop in a cab driven by a raving psychopath. 続きを見る
Dreyer's English
著者:Benjamin Dreyer
出版社: Random House Publishing Group
発売日: 2019年01月29日
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A sharp, funny grammar guide they’ll actually want to read, from Random House’s longtime copy chief and one of Twitter’s leading language gurus **NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BO……続きを見る
Modernizing Composition
著者:Garrett Field
出版社: University of California Press
発売日: 2017年03月22日
A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit www.luminosoa.org to learn more. The study of South Asian musi……続きを見る
Pembroke/Kings Summer Programme Ebook Anthology 1
著者:Various Authors
出版社: Trapeze Books
発売日: 2014年03月08日
An anthology of writing by students who participated in the 2012 University of Cambridge Pembroke/Kings Summer Programme Creative Writing course続きを見る
Othello, the Moor of Venice
著者:William Shakespeare
出版社: Good Press
発売日: 2019年11月19日
"Othello, the Moor of Venice" by William Shakespeare. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction a……続きを見る
The Ten Best Bond Movies...Ever!
著者:Mark Williams
出版社: Odyssey
発売日: 2016年09月17日
The Ten Best Bond Movies...Ever? It doesn’t get much more subjective than this. Or much more fun! Come and join international bestselling author Mark Williams on a personal James Bond odyssey as he ……続きを見る
Dollars Want Me
著者:Henry H. Brown
出版社: Oregan Publishing
発売日: 2019年06月27日
Dollar Want Me: is the key to all the MONEY you desire, a simple and powerful piece of writing by Henry H Brown. This book describes and teaches how man can use the POWER of his THOUGHT to change hi……続きを見る
著者:Russ Durbin
出版社: Russ Durbin
発売日: 2015年05月09日
William Hickok Farrell stood on the top set of the dugout and surveyed the meticulously curried infield with its snowy bases in place. In a few moments, Will would take the mount to pitch the most i……続きを見る
In His Shadow
著者:M Koleosho
出版社: M Koleosho
発売日: 2015年05月11日
Relive one of the greatest rivalries in sports, from our narrators humble beginnings, rising to the top of the sports world and finally the rivalry that would not only define his career, but also sh……続きを見る
Celtic Evil The Fitzgerald Brothers A Celtic Christmas
著者:Sierra Rose
出版社: Sierra Rose
発売日: 2015年05月08日
A short holiday story featuring the Fitzgerald brothers as they enjoy their first holiday after being reunited. A humorous look into their lives, snow ball fight and all. 続きを見る
A Danger to God Himself
著者:John Draper
出版社: John Draper
発売日: 2018年01月05日
A Mormon missionary goes insane on his mission and all hell breaks loose. Assorted sexual congress! Miraculous occurrences! The God of the universe striking people dead! Mormon missionary/onetime he……続きを見る
The World of Tom Clancy's The Division
出版社: Dark Horse Comics
発売日: 2019年04月23日
Incisive lore and detailed art in a cunningly designed hardcover that will bring readers into the ravaged streets of New York City and Washington DC as seen in Ubisoft's record-breaking videogame se……続きを見る
Flight of the Soul
著者:Kalifer Deil
出版社: Kalifer Deil
発売日: 2015年05月21日
The play “Flight of the Soul” contrasts several points of view about eternal life but features a “brain uploading” concept proffered by Ray Kurtzweil and others including the author. In the play Ray……続きを見る
Учение Джуал Кхула: Эфирная механика
著者:Tatiana Danina
出版社: Tatiana Danina
発売日: 2015年07月08日
В книге мы стремимся обратить внимание общественности на возможность приложения классических законов движения и поведения обычных тел к объектам микромира. Конечно, в более новом, усовершенствованно……続きを見る
Derek and The Dominos - Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Songbook)
著者:Derek and the Dominos
出版社: Hal Leonard
発売日: 2016年05月08日
(Guitar Recorded Versions). Includes all of the songs from the original recording as remastered on the Special 20th Anniversary Edition. All of Eric Clapton and Duane Allman's guitar parts included!……続きを見る
The Vase
著者:Cecelia Smith
出版社: Cecelia Smith
発売日: 2015年05月15日
Miranda, ordinary accountant gave a seat at her table to a remarkable woman. The encounter started an extraordinary teacher student relationship that transcended time and altered space. At the end o……続きを見る
A Tail of Our Horses
著者:John Lee
出版社: John Lee
発売日: 2015年05月11日
let me introduce us, we are the lee family and we are totally horse free. well, when i say we are horse free I really refer to my wife lyn and i; my daughter on the other hand still suffers from the……続きを見る
Les femmes sont des hommes comme les autres
著者:Georges Wolinski
出版社: Glénat BD
発売日: 2009年09月09日
Quand le grand Georges se fait tout petit (mais toujours aussi talentueux) devant l'objet de sa vénération et de sa peur ultimes : les femmes. Découvrez les dernières considérations de Wolinski, ins……続きを見る
The Tweener
著者:John Watson
出版社: John Watson
発売日: 2015年05月22日
The simplicity of small town life comes to a grinding halt when two young boys encounter a stranger in the woods. 続きを見る
著者:Rita Shpilsky
出版社: Rita Shpilsky
発売日: 2015年05月16日
Я честно говоря как то не думала и не гадала записивать свою болтовню куда нибудь вообше, ето ведь у меня так, мысли вслух по дороге на работу, но по многочисленним просьбам трудящихся и всех примкн……続きを見る
A Dirty Beautiful Smell
著者:Harper Nevermind
出版社: Harper Nevermind
発売日: 2015年05月10日
"A selfish man is not that much different than a tumorous pig. They have similar appetites and often suffer the same fate."From the author of "I Only Got One Hot Wife" comes a profoundly complex and……続きを見る
著者:Richard Grossman
出版社: Richard Grossman
発売日: 2016年04月27日
A last request from a mother to a son in a long-broken relationship. "Recital" was a 2015 Boston Theater Marathon finalist.続きを見る
Corner in Tetouan
著者:Mois Benarroch
出版社: ​Moben
発売日: 2020年05月20日
Book of poems published by Esquio directed by Julio Uceda. Mois Benarroch was born in Tetouan, Morocco, in 1959. At thirteen, he emigrates with his parents to Israel and lives in Jerusalem ever sinc……続きを見る
The Road Back
著者:F. J. Mackelroy
出版社: F. J. Mackelroy
発売日: 2015年05月08日
This is a short short story of a lonely drive, a tricky cargo, a moral dilemma. What would you do? 続きを見る
The Unspoken
著者:Don Zelma
出版社: Don Zelma
発売日: 2015年05月16日
With retirement looming, fifty-nine year old pastor Dan Amos has more questions than he began with. The world has changed. And then there is Jay. Was his son’s bike accident really suicide? Ten year……続きを見る
The Concert
著者:Lee Conrad
出版社: Lee Conrad
発売日: 2015年05月16日
A young boy and his family travel to a concert in Peekskill, New York in 1949 and witness the beginning of dark times in America. 続きを見る
Richard Murray Thoughts Round 19
著者:Richard Murray
出版社: Richard Murray
発売日: 2017年08月19日
Round 19 of My thoughts concerning the beautiful game or anything else I am thinking about from one week to the next, in audio or text. I end in a chant for a player or players from the national wom……続きを見る
Phygure® No.11 Issue 06
著者:Nico Cardenas
出版社: Otakumouse
発売日: 2016年08月30日
What is Phygure®? Phygure® is a community driven digital magazine that focuses on toy & figure photography. About This Issue: In this new issue of Phygure®, 12 amazing figure photographers from arou……続きを見る
Forbidden Love Under The Cross: Chinese Fiction 小说: 十字架下的禁恋
著者:Hongyang(Canada), 红洋(加拿大)
出版社: Hongyang(Canada)/ 红洋(加拿大)
発売日: 2015年11月16日
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