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Creativity: Get Going
著者:Morwenna Assaf
出版社: Morwenna Assaf
発売日: 2016年02月11日
This is the first book in the series Creativity: Power of Commitment. This is a book of daily exercises at a Beginner level that takes 3 months. Be as creative as you can. Ideas for that creativity ……続きを見る
Balinese Dance, Drama & Music
著者:I Wayan Dibia, Rucina Ballinger
出版社: Tuttle Publishing
発売日: 2012年11月27日
Bali has long been known for its deep spirituality and extraordinary artistic heritage. The dances, dramas, puppetry and music of Bali are more than icons for the island; they are part and parcel of……続きを見る
Global Tarantella
著者:Incoronata Inserra
出版社: University of Illinois Press
発売日: 2017年10月13日
Tarantella, a genre of Southern Italian folk music and dance, is an international phenomenon--seen and heard in popular festivals, performed across the Italian diaspora, even adapted for New Age spi……続きを見る
الرقص خطيئة في الشرق، قداسة في الغرب
著者:Sara Sami
出版社: Sara Sami
発売日: 2019年03月02日
مر الرقص الشرقي، عبر العصور، بكثير من التقلبات الجذرية سواء تقديساً لحرمته أو تحقيراً منه بواسطة الكثيرين، أما حالياً فيعيش الرقص الشرقي نقطة فاصلة في وجوده أو عدمه، أصبح الشرق يسميه بالدعارة و أصبح……続きを見る
The Igor Moiseyev Dance Company
著者:Anthony Shay
出版社: Intellect Books Ltd
発売日: 2019年07月15日
In this book Anthony Shay examines the life and works of renowned choreographer Igor Moiseyev and his dance company. Formed in 1937 the Moiseyev Dance Company have performed across the globe and are……続きを見る
The Greatest Male Drummers of All Time: Top 100
著者:alex trostanetskiy
出版社: A&V
発売日: 2013年08月19日
Are you looking for a journey that will take you through The Greatest Male Drummers of All Time: Top 100, along with funny comments and a word puzzle? Then this book is for you. Whether you are look……続きを見る
Folk Theatres of North India
著者:Karan Singh
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2019年12月20日
This book examines folk theatres of North India as a unique performative structure, a counter stream to the postulations of Sanskrit and Western realistic theatre. In focusing on their historical, s……続きを見る
Tango Argentino: A Pocket 'Breviary' for Its Dancers
著者:Patricia Muller, Enrico Massetti
出版社: Lulu.com
発売日: 2013年11月23日
In this book we discover the code of honour of the ‘porteños’ dancers of the Tango Milonguero who have remained ‘uncontaminated’ by the tourism surrounding the Tango and who are more or less 70-80 y……続きを見る
Creativity: Power of Commitment
著者:Morwenna Assaf
出版社: Morwenna Assaf
発売日: 2014年10月23日
The Power of Commitment. This is a book of daily exercises at an Intermediate level that takes over 12 months. Be as creative as you can. Ideas for that creativity and also how to not get overwhelme……続きを見る
Cantos y danzas populares de Europa
著者:Giuseppe Presti, Nicoletta Romanelli
出版社: Parkstone International
発売日: 2020年07月14日
De la misma forma que la fotografía captura un paisaje, un monumento o un traje regional, también la música puede recoger el sentir de un pueblo, un país, o una cultura la música nos habla a todos c……続きを見る
Dance Theory
出版社: Oxford University Press
発売日: 2020年03月02日
The history of dance theory has never been told. Writers in every age have theorized prescriptively, according to their own needs and ideals, and theorists themselves having continually asserted the……続きを見る
Shakespeare’s Hobby-Horse and Early Modern Popular Culture
著者:Natália Pikli
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2021年08月27日
This book explores the ways in which the early modern hobby-horse featured in different productions of popular culture between the 1580s and 1630s. Natália Pikli approaches this study with a thoroug……続きを見る
Creativity: Find Your Stride
著者:Morwenna Assaf
出版社: Morwenna Assaf
発売日: 2014年10月23日
This is the second book in the series Creativity: Power of Commitment. This is a book of daily exercises at an Intermediate level that takes 3 months. Be as creative as you can. Ideas for that creat……続きを見る
El Pulpo O La Muerte Del Tango
著者:Luis Longhi
出版社: Enrico Massetti
発売日: 2020年11月17日
Los integrantes de un modesto quinteto de tango se encuentran ante un hito trascendental en su carrera hacia la consagración. Pero el Tano y sus músicos se topan con un obstáculo aparentemente insal……続きを見る
Ancient Egyptian Dances
著者:Irena Lexová
出版社: Dover Publications
発売日: 2012年12月03日
Dancing was important to the ancient Egyptians. One of the few books available in English on this topic, this carefully researched, profusely illustrated work investigates the origins, nature and ro……続きを見る
Bailar en San Antonio
著者:Claudio Diaz, Florencia Paez, Natalia Diaz
出版社: Editorial Universitaria Villa María
発売日: 2015年10月16日
Un día de diciembre de 1991, en una pequeña localidad serrana de Córdoba, un grupo de artistas junto a la comunidad local daba inicio al Encuentro Nacional Cultural de San Antonio de Arredondo. Un e……続きを見る
αργεντίνικο τάγκο
著者:Patricia Müller
出版社: Enrico Massetti
発売日: 2021年06月08日
Σε αυτό το βιβλίο ανακαλύπτουμε τον κώδικα τιμής των χορευτών "porteños" του Tango Milonguero, οι οποίοι έχουν παραμείνει "ανέγγιχτοι" από τον τουρισμό που περιβάλλει το Tango και οι οποίοι είναι πε……続きを見る
Le danze di coppia in Occidente
著者:Massimo Mannini, Francesco Galuppo
出版社: Infinito Edizioni
発売日: 2018年12月12日
Dalla storia delle danze occidentali all’iscrizione a una scuola di ballo, dall’alimentazione corretta, alla respirazione, dai primi passi da muovere in pista fino alla partecipazione alle gare, que……続きを見る
The Experience of Theater Dance for Belly Dancers
著者:Morwenna Assaf
出版社: Cedar Productions
発売日: 2014年10月07日
Have you always wanted to do or be involved in a theater production? Want to know the ins and outs? Want to know what to ask without appearing uninformed. Well! Now you can. This book will answer al……続きを見る
The Highland Fling and How to Teach It
著者:H. N. Grant
出版社: VolumesOfValue
発売日: 2013年06月18日
Excerpt In teaching fancy dances, more rapid progress will be made by forming exercises characteristic of the movements to be executed. This dance comprises a hopping movement and the laws of opposi……続きを見る
The Encyclopedia of World Folk Dance
著者:Mary Ellen Snodgrass
出版社: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
発売日: 2016年08月08日
While there are books about folk dances from individual countries or regions, there isn’t a single comprehensive book on folk dances across the globe. This illustrated compendium offers the student,……続きを見る
Dance Legacies of Scotland
著者:Mats Melin, Jennifer Schoonover
出版社: Taylor and Francis
発売日: 2020年12月31日
Dance Legacies of Scotland compiles a collage of references portraying percussive Scottish dancing and explains what influenced a wide disappearance of hard-shoe steps from contemporary Scottish pra……続きを見る
The Fire Knife Dance
著者:Chief Pulefanolefolasa F. Galea'i, Donna Manz
出版社: Xlibris US
発売日: 2018年01月13日
The book expresses the history of the Samoan fire knife dance (Samoan Ailao), from the time it was a victory ceremony of war to its modern day form. The explanation of the weapon nifooti (the deadly……続きを見る
Creating Our Own
著者:Zoila S. Mendoza
出版社: Duke University Press
発売日: 2008年01月15日
In Creating Our Own, anthropologist Zoila S. Mendoza explores the early-twentieth-century development of the “folkloric arts”ーparticularly music, dance, and dramaーin Cuzco, Peru, revealing the cen……続きを見る
Dentro Lo Show Tango Argentino
著者:Antón Gazenbeek
出版社: Enrico Massetti
発売日: 2020年05月29日
Durante gli anni bui della dittatura militare, il Tango era caduto nell'oblio in tutto il mondo, anche in Argentina. Lo spettacolo "Tango Argentino" ha rilanciato a livello mondiale l'interesse per ……続きを見る
Scroll Paintings of India
著者:Chitra Balasubramaniam
出版社: Chitra Balasubramaniam
発売日: 2015年05月17日
Scroll paintings were once considered visual aids which accompanied story telling by wandering mendicants or bards. Today, the story telling has come down considerably, what remains are the painting……続きを見る
Ramon Obusan, Philippine Folkdance, and Me
著者:Kanami Namiki
出版社: Anvil Publishing Inc.
発売日: 2015年02月04日
This book is an attempt to convey the uniqueness of the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, its approach to dance, pedagogic style and aesthetic principles, its philosophy of representation, and most impo……続きを見る
Salpuri-Chum, A Korean Dance for Expelling Evil Spirits
著者:Eun-Joo Lee, Yong-Shin Kim
出版社: Hamilton Books
発売日: 2017年03月07日
This book is a study of Salpuri-Chum, a traditional Korean dance for expelling evil spirits. The authors explore the origins and practice of Salpuri-Chum. The ancient Korean people viewed their misf……続きを見る
ZILLS-ZAGAT Teaching Syllabus
著者:Morwenna Assaf
出版社: Cedar Productions
発売日: 2014年10月23日
A teaching syllabus for teachers of Middle Eastern dance to allow students to play correctly to Arabic music. Inspired and dedicated to the teachings of the late Ibrahim Farrah.続きを見る
Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation
著者:Chan Park
出版社: Lulu.com
発売日: 2013年12月10日
Would you like to meditate while dancing Tango? Yes, Buddha can teach you to dance Tango through Zen. You might ask, “How does Tango have anything to do with Zen?” TangoZen is an innovative yet natu……続きを見る
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