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Minecraft Diary ofChester the Dark Knight
出版社: Benderthebot
発売日: 2016年03月15日
In this book we go in depth on the Journey's of Chester & Isaac venturing through Gladesville. The two are captured and taken hostage by an evil presence. Only by following the series will you find ……続きを見る
Das Objekt
著者:Walter Brunhuber
出版社: BookRix
発売日: 2019年09月25日
Ein altes Haus in der ehemaligen DDR soll nach der Wende an einen früheren Eigentümer zurückfallen. Die Familie Bahlfuß ist verzweifelt. Der neue Besitzer, Herr Maisenkötter, kommt zu einem Treffen ……続きを見る
„Pokociło się” i „Dam nogę”
著者:Eliza Orzeszkowa
出版社: Booklassic
発売日: 2016年08月10日
Eliza Orzeszkowa Polska pisarka nurtu pozytywizmu znana pod nazwiskiem męża, Piotra Orzeszko, nazwisko rodowe: Korwin-Pawłowska. Publikowała pod pseudonimami: E.O., Bąk, Wa-Lit-No, Li...ka, Gabriela……続きを見る
Reim-Bild-Duett 5
著者:Martina I. Müller
出版社: BookRix
発売日: 2019年11月04日
Kleine Buchstabensüppchen alltagsgerecht portioniert Lieber Leser, in diesem Büchlein kommen 50 Spatzen zu Wort. --> in Bildern, erzählen sie ihre Geschichten und mit meinen Gedichten male ich Bilde……続きを見る
Basic Singing Technique
出版社: Minoas
発売日: 2018年07月26日
'Basic Singing Technique' by Minoas is a complete, practical guide about basic vocal training that every singer may find useful for most music genres. A useful and handy manual of the fundamental pr……続きを見る
As Flores do Meu Jardim
著者:Vários Autores
出版社: Elemental Editoração
発売日: 2018年12月11日
Todos temos ou deveríamos ter um Jardim interno, onde apenas as mais belas flores estão plantadas florescendo a cada dia em que o nosso sol nos ilumina. Podemos ter inúmeras flores, mas, sempre tere……続きを見る
A Mercenary, Some Spanners, A Triffid And A Hedge
著者:Dan W.Griffin
出版社: Dan W.Griffin
発売日: 2015年05月19日
Welcome to the second piece of the jigsaw of the mangled sludge of words and stuff that will eventually curdle and congeal into the boondoggle of the memoir, No stranger to the P45. This is actually……続きを見る
GOETHE - Premium Collection
著者:Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
出版社: Musaicum Books
発売日: 2019年06月03日
Musaicum Books presents to you a meticulously edited Goethe collection. This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Conte……続きを見る
Sparks: Satire and Reviews
著者:Ankur Mutreja
出版社: Ankur Mutreja
発売日: 2016年02月10日
This book is an alternative representation of my thoughts, which have been presented more comprehensively in another of my books Writings @ Ankur Mutreja. I felt the need to publish this book separa……続きを見る
Disney Favorites - Creative Piano Solo
著者:Hal Leonard Corp.
出版社: Hal Leonard
発売日: 2019年07月14日
(Piano Solo Songbook). 20 Disney favorites creatively reimagined into fresh arrangements for the intermediate to advanced player. Includes: Belle * Can You Feel the Love Tonight * Chim Chim Cher-ee ……続きを見る
The Life
著者:Darius Powell
出版社: Darius Powell
発売日: 2015年05月08日
Elliot Paaschen needs to decide if he'll continue to live the life or if he will take care of his responsibilities when he's transfered back to his hometown by his company. 続きを見る
BC Guitar
著者:Samuel Larson
出版社: Samuel Larson
発売日: 2018年07月25日
Welcome to Beginning Contemporary Guitar, As a teacher, I've observed that new students vary widely in age and past experience. Some students have played an instrument and have learned to read music……続きを見る
Фирма "Твой шанс"
著者:Halyna Franko
出版社: Halyna Franko
発売日: 2015年12月29日
Главная героиня пьесы, молодая писательница Мари, создает фирму помощи безработным.Действие происходит в Великобритании. Клиенты фирмы - молодые люди с трудной судьбой,потерявшие смысл жизни. Пьеса ……続きを見る
The Eldest Son
著者:John Galsworthy
出版社: Good Press
発売日: 2019年12月06日
"The Eldest Son" by John Galsworthy. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to……続きを見る
Opening Repertoire: The Ruy Lopez
著者:Joshua Doknjas
出版社: Gloucester Publishers
発売日: 2020年04月28日
The Ruy Lopez is perhaps the most classical of all chess openings. It dates back to the 16th century and has featured in the opening repertoire of every modern world champion. It is a highly flexibl……続きを見る
The Secret Voice: Message to God
出版社: Octiva
発売日: 2015年05月10日
This short story essays about the end of world message to god. I recommend readers to discontinue if they expect documentary or research or something scientifically to be answered. This is just an i……続きを見る
Wunderknabe Waldemar
著者:Detlef Schumacher
出版社: BookRix
発売日: 2016年05月04日
Der 12jährige Knabe Waldemar verfügt über außergewöhnliche Fähigkeiten. Die bringen ihm Bewunderung und Hochachtung ein. Er bleibt aber bescheiden. Seine große Liebe gilt den Tieren, deren Sprache e……続きを見る
A Winter Hike
著者:Mike Bozart
出版社: Mike Bozart
発売日: 2017年03月08日
Four guys (agents 2, 33, 107, and xxx) go on a smoky hike to three waterfalls near Brevard, NC, USA on a winter day in 2000. Dialogue proves to be a challenging adventure, just as much as the climbs……続きを見る
Turning Point
著者:John Francis Kinsella
出版社: John Francis Kinsella
発売日: 2016年09月13日
Determined men such as Michael Fitzwilliams, spurred on by the encouragement of compelling political leaders, grasped, like so many others, the chance destiny had suddenly thrust on him, his dream o……続きを見る
Bisestimorgiarete - 000 - Booklip
著者:Luca Fadda
出版社: Luca Fadda
発売日: 2016年03月17日
Bisestimorgiarete è un seriale noIRonico. Maledetta parodia di qualsiasi giallo, noir o poliziesco. Fa ridere insomma. Forse. Siamo fiduciosi. Il presente Booklip è invece la clip del libro, organiz……続きを見る
Titus Andronicus
著者:William Shakespeare
出版社: Booklassic
発売日: 2015年06月17日
Titus Andronicus may be Shakespeare's earliest tragedy; it is believed to have been written sometime between 1584 and the early 1590s. It depicts a Roman general who is engaged in a cycle of revenge……続きを見る
Menopause: I'm SO Over It
著者:Laurie L Glass
出版社: Laurie L Glass
発売日: 2018年08月17日
In this humorous take on the subject, find out why Laurie would rather walk down Main Street wearing her underwear outside her pants than juggle multiple menopause symptoms for one more day. Get a l……続きを見る
Coding with Minecraft
著者:Al Sweigart
出版社: No Starch Press
発売日: 2018年05月29日
A hands-on introduction to coding that teaches you how to program bots to do cool things in the game you love--Minecraft! This book takes the robotic "turtle" method, and extends it to the 3D, inter……続きを見る
Zen Handicapping
著者:Christian Blake
出版社: Christian Blake
発売日: 2016年01月23日
Sage advice for the modern horse player. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or professional horse player, you'll find useful information about betting the ponies inside this book. 続きを見る
In the Spring of 1945
著者:Jean Harvey
出版社: BookRix
発売日: 2018年05月12日
In the Spring of 1945 The sky was clear and the sun was burning on Jaakov's face as he ran. But the beauty of the sky did not change the fact that there was a war and he just had to watch the soldie……続きを見る
Itchy Voids
著者:Robert Renshaw
出版社: Robert Renshaw
発売日: 2018年04月02日
For 8 years in the late night till predawn, a lone man has run his small coffee cart outside a busy city hospital emergency room. The nightly parade of characters and the often hilarious situations ……続きを見る
Bird Season
著者:Patrick M. Boucher
出版社: Patrick M. Boucher
発売日: 2015年05月10日
Inspired by true accounts of one of the world’s most unusual competitions, this story describes the efforts of two young men driven by a lifetime in opposition to each other. Both are determined to ……続きを見る
End of the Road
著者:Jacques Antoine
出版社: Jacques Antoine
発売日: 2015年07月14日
Roads end. They begin somewhere, too. In between, all manner of things happen: friendship, betrayal, horror and maybe even joy. For some, the End of the Road brings love and happiness, for others ag……続きを見る
著者:Duncan James
出版社: Duncan James
発売日: 2015年05月15日
England's world-famous folk hero lives on in the computer age, as brilliant Oxford mathematician Jonathan Hood, for obvious reasons known as Robin, sets out to prove to the world s banking community……続きを見る
Oper. 100 Seiten
著者:Peter Overbeck
出版社: Reclam Verlag
発売日: 2019年07月17日
"Oper ist, wenn die dicke Frau singt und am Ende der Tenor die Dame bekommt." Während ersteres längst nicht mehr den Realitäten entspricht, lässt sich letzteres schwer wegdiskutieren. Natürlich jedo……続きを見る
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